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February 25, 2024

Boost Your Twitter Game: Top 31 Twitter Tools for Marketers

As a busy online entrepreneur or marketing professional, you know the importance of Twitter. You've heard the success stories, you've seen the statistics, you recognize the potential.

But let's be honest: managing a successful Twitter account is no walk in the park. It demands time, attention, and a level of savviness that can be daunting.

But where do you find the time in your already packed schedule to post regularly, monitor mentions, discover influencers, analyze competitors, and optimize the timing of your tweets?

The overwhelming answer: Look to the right tools.

Finding the right Twitter tool from this ocean of options is the game-changer you're looking for, giving you the X-factor in your strategy.

In this post, we've handpicked an arsenal of 31 Twitter tools covering a lot of functionalities. Whether you're seeking to amplify your branding, refine your analytics, enhance follower engagement, or anything in between, these tools will empower you to make your Twitter game not just manageable but genuinely effective.

Let's get started.

What are Twitter Tools?

Twitter tools are software or online services specifically designed to enhance your interactions with Twitter. They aim to optimize your Twitter activities, ease the management of your Twitter account, or provide valuable insights to shape your Twitter strategy. These tools can greatly complement your efforts on Twitter, serving as your assistant to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Best Overall Twitter Tool for Marketing Pros

We selected it based on the overall feature and the affordability of the tool.

1. Highperformr

When it comes to managing a comprehensive Twitter Marketing strategy, one tool stands above the rest: Highperformr. Designed specifically for marketing professionals, Highperformr is a Swiss Army Knife of Twitter tools aimed at boosting brand engagement and streamlining your Twitter management tasks.

a. Engaging Your Audience

Highperformr understands that engagement is the key to any successful social media strategy. With its expansive toolkit, it provides the means to not only track your audience's interactions but also engage with them more effectively. 

It will guide you on whom to engage with and whom to avoid. 

b. Expanding Your Reach

Highperformer makes building an audience simpler. It offers a range of features to grow your follower base, from refined target audience identification to custom-tailored strategies for follower acquisition. 

With this tool, you can reach the people who matter most to your brand and ensure your marketing messages are effectively communicated.

c. Analytics and Insights

Highperformr equips you with powerful analytics that offer insightful reports about your Twitter account's performance. This data can guide you in real time about what's working well and what needs tweaking in your Twitter strategy.

d. Scheduling and Automation

Time management is crucial in any marketing role. Highperformr offers a reliable scheduling tool that allows you to plan and automate your tweets for optimal timings. 

This feature ensures your content reaches the maximum number of users, regardless of time zone differences or busy posting periods.

e. Automatic Thread Creation

This feature allows marketers to craft tweets that connect into a singular narrative. All you need to do is compose a series of tweets, and Highperformr will automatically post them in the right sequence, creating a threaded narrative.

Whether you want to unveil a product in piecemeal surprises or narrate the step-by-step journey of your brand, Automated Thread Creation lets you strategically increase anticipation, engagement, and retention among your followers.

All in all, with its robust set of features, Highperformr stands as the best overall Twitter tool for marketing professionals.


Twitter Tools for Analytics

These are just a few of the many Twitter tools available to marketers. Each one offers its own unique set of features and benefits, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. If you're looking for a way to understand your brand's online presence better, consider using one of these tools.

2. Followerwonk

Followerwonk, a tool built by Moz, takes a deep dive into Twitter analytics, helping you optimize your social growth strategy by studying your followers.

Followerwonk's real strength lies in its ability to analyze and segment your followers in several ways. It provides detailed reports on followers' geography, bio, who they follow, their tweeting behavior, and the time of their activities. Additionally, it offers insights about the influencers within your followers.

The tool also allows for the comparison of your Twitter profile with competitors or industry leaders, offering the opportunity to learn from their strategies. Through Followerwonk, you can also find, follow, and engage with influencers or relevant users in your niche.

3. Twitter Analytics 

Twitter Analytics is the platform's free, official analytics tool that offers various insights into your Twitter account's performance. With Twitter Analytics, you can access detailed information on your tweets' engagement, impressions, and audiences. By understanding how your content performs, you can tailor your tweets to better resonate with your audience and potential leads.


Additionally, the Audience Insights feature allows you to explore demographics, interests, and behaviors of your Twitter followers, making it easier to target your marketing campaigns. 

This tool also provides information on your top-performing tweets, helping you identify what type of content yields the highest engagement.You can continuously fine-tune your content and communication strategies, driving better results from your Twitter marketing efforts with this tool. 

Twitter Tools for Competitive Analysis

Here are some Twitter tools that can ease the process of competitive analysis:

4. Rival IQ

Rival IQ serves as your ultimate competitive analysis tool on Twitter. The platform leverages in-depth data analysis to provide actionable insights that help you mold your Twitter strategy based on your competitors' activities.


Rival IQ monitors and analyzes your rivals' Twitter presence, presenting you with comprehensive reports that track everything from their follower growth to tweet engagements. More importantly, it alerts you whenever your competitors post high-performing content, offering a direct view into what works for them.

The tool's landscape comparison feature is a highlight, pitting your Twitter profile stats directly against competing brands. It also offers invaluable insights into the best times to tweet, optimizing tweet length, and the use of images in tweets.

5. Twitonomy

Twitonomy offers a comprehensive look into your competitors' Twitter activity, making it an ideal tool for competitive analysis.

With Twitonomy, you can analyze any Twitter account, not just your own. This valuable feature allows you to dive deep into your competitors' Twitter profiles, examining everything from their tweet history to follower growth.


The tool provides rich, detailed visual analytics on tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags used by your competitors. In addition, it shows which users are interacting the most with your competitors, highlighting potential influencers or key accounts to engage.

Twitonomy also provides an analysis of your competitors' tweeting habits, including the best time they tweet, their most popular content, and the links they share.

Twitter Tools for Identifying Leads

To find leads on Twitter, you can use a variety of tools. Here are some:

6. Foundry 

Foundry is a powerful tool that lets businesses target, engage and convert potential customers by leveraging intent signals. It captures over 150 million intent signals per week and provides businesses with more than 7,600 targeting dimensions including intent, persona, and firmographic points. 


With intent-based ad targeting, Foundry Ads programs allow businesses to reach relevant audiences across their buying journeys and optimize their advertising efforts. Its demand generation programs target decision-makers demonstrating relevant purchase intent signals, which leads to higher pipeline conversion. 

Additionally, the platform can be integrated with critical platforms your team uses every day to segment and activate based on dynamic buying behavior. The platform empowers sales and marketing teams by providing insight into what their buyers care about.

7. SocialRank

SocialRank is a unique tool that primarily helps companies identify, organize, and manage their followers on Twitter. With its rich features, businesses can filter and categorize followers based on location, interests, activities and influence. This helps in identifying potential leads among your followers and understanding their preferences better.


More importantly, SocialRank also allows for a direct comparison of your audience with your competitors' followers. This competitive intelligence can help find potential leads that are interacting with similar brands in your industry.

Furthermore, it provides a ‘Word Search’ function that sifts through bios and tweets of your followers for specific keywords, helping to identify users who are most likely interested in your products or services. 

Twitter Tools for Tracking

If you want to track your brand growth on Twitter, you can use a variety of tools to monitor your mentions, retweets, and followers. Some of these tools include:

8. Brand24

Brand24 is a powerful tool that helps businesses track their brand mentions and sentiments in real-time across various social platforms, including Twitter. It is designed to make it easy for brands to monitor their online reputation and respond adequately to their audience.


Once configured with your brand name and related keywords, Brand24 keeps a live tab on all mentions across Twitter. Not only that, but it also scores each mention for sentiment — positive, negative, or neutral, giving you a deeper understanding of how your brand is perceived in the online space.

Further, Brand24 notifies you of any sudden changes in your brand discussion volume. This can prove pivotal in managing potential crises by identifying them early or seizing opportunities when your brand is trending.

9. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free, official Twitter tool that provides real-time tracking and management of multiple Twitter accounts in a customizable dashboard interface. With TweetDeck, you can monitor mentions, retweets, and followers for your brand, as well as keep track of hashtags, keywords, and lists relevant to your industry or competitors. 


It allows you to schedule Tweets and manage notifications efficiently, making it easier to stay engaged with your audience and potential leads. The intuitive column-based layout enables you to oversee all aspects of your Twitter activity, helping you be more responsive to conversations and ultimately increasing your brand growth on the platform.

Twitter Tools for Scheduling Posts

10. Later

Later stands out as a visually oriented Twitter scheduling tool designed to help you effortlessly plan and post visual content on your Twitter feed. The platform is tailor-made for businesses and marketers looking to make their Twitter presence more visually appealing and engaging.


Intuitive and user-friendly, Later's key feature is its visual content calendar. It offers a seamless drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to schedule visual content for Twitter directly from your media library. Bulk upload images, preview how your feed will look, and easily reschedule content with a few clicks.

More than just a scheduling tool, Later also offers the capability to analyze your Twitter performance, providing insights into engagement, impressions, and more. These metrics go hand-in-hand with the scheduling feature, guiding you to optimize your Twitter strategy effectively.

11. Sendible 

Sendible plays a key role in scheduling tweet content for Twitter, making it a go-to platform for many social media managers and businesses. With the option to plan and schedule tweets for future posting, Sendible improves the efficiency of social media management, especially when it comes to organizing tweets for specific dates and times. 

In addition to scheduling individual posts, Sendible also supports bulk scheduling, allowing users to upload multiple tweets at once using CSV files. This is an appreciated feature when there's a need to schedule a large volume of messages, ultimately improving productivity. 

Sendible's queue settings and its optimal timing feature play significant roles as well; the former helps to create custom posting schedules, and the latter ensures content is posted at the best time according to audience engagement data. Lastly, the content calendar offers a comprehensive overview of when planned tweets will go live, ensuring everything is paced just right.

12. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a comprehensive marketing management tool designed to streamline and automate your marketing workflows, including Twitter post-scheduling.


At the heart of CoSchedule lies its robust calendar feature. This marketing calendar gives you a high-level overview of all your scheduled content, including blog posts, email newsletters, and, most importantly, social media posts such as Twitter.

When it comes to Twitter scheduling, CoSchedule is intuitive and efficient. It allows for bulk scheduling and boasts a nifty re-queue feature meant to fill gaps in your content schedule with your top-performing posts. Apart from this, you can also use CoSchedule to post your blog posts on Twitter automatically.

One of CoSchedule's key features is its ability to let teams collaborate effectively. With its task management feature, you can assign tasks, set deadlines, communicate with team members, and manage your entire Twitter content workflow in one place.

Twitter Tools for Following/Unfollowing

If you want to create a campaign to grow your followers, these tools will help you to follow/unfollow new creators or brands:

13. Tweepi

Tweepi is a practical Twitter tool for following, unfollowing, and cleaning up inactive followers. It leverages artificial intelligence to help you engage more users by identifying potential followers based on their interests.


It allows you to filter and unfollow users who don’t engage with your content, thereby maintaining the vitality of your follower base.

From targeting relevant followers to decluttering inactive ones, Tweepi makes Twitter follower management a breeze, supporting your growth strategies on the platform.

14. Circleboom

Circleboom is a user-friendly Twitter tool allowing you to bulk follow and unfollow users with ease. It provides smart search features to find and connect with new users based on your interests, as well as remove inactive accounts or those who don't follow back. 


You can also monitor your Twitter stats regarding followers, mentions, and hashtags.

Twitter Tools for Mentions and Monitoring

If you want to track your brand mention and monitor your brand growth, you can do that with these tools:

15. Mention

Mention is an all-encompassing social media monitoring tool, including Twitter, providing real-time insights and notifications on your brand mentions across the web. With Mention, you can track conversations around your brand, monitor your competitors, and stay updated with industry trends.


Its real-time monitoring feature allows you to react quickly to customer inquiries, manage your online reputation, and seize opportunities as they emerge. Mention transforms vast amounts of social data into actionable insights, enhancing your understanding of your audience and engagement.

16. Keyhole

Keyhole is a powerful real-time hashtag tracking tool specifically designed for social media. It provides detailed analytics on hashtag performance, including reach, impressions, demographics, and sentiment.


Keyhole monitors hashtag trends and engagement to help you optimize your Twitter strategy, identify influential users, and craft more effective content.

Additionally, Keyhole offers competitor analysis and monitoring, assisting you in staying ahead of the curve and maximizing your brand's impact on the platform.

Twitter Tools to Find Influencers

Finding influencers is not an easy task, but it can be made easier with the right tools. Here are some of the best Twitter tools for finding influencers:

17. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool that identifies the top influencers within your industry. Tailored towards content marketing and SEO, BuzzSumo lists relevant influencers based on the content they share and engage with, making it easier for you to connect and strategize collaborations.


Its powerful analytics provide detailed insights into each influencer's reach and engagement, guiding your influencer outreach and marketing initiatives.

18. Klear

Klear leverages advanced analytics to find and assess influencers on Twitter. Using sophisticated algorithms, Klear filters through millions of profiles, pinpointing influencers based on relevance, reach, and level of engagement.


Furthermore, it provides analytical data on each influencer, including demographics, communication style, and audience interests. It’s a comprehensive platform for influencer marketing, helping to identify, analyze, and engage potential collaborators on Twitter effectively.

Twitter Tools for Social Listening

For brands, social listening is a critical part of any marketing strategy. It helps you understand what people are saying about your brand and products, as well as identify trends and opportunities. Here are some Twitter tools that can help you listen to the conversation on Twitter:

19. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a sophisticated social intelligence tool that provides deep insights about your brand as well as your competitors. It collects data from millions of online sources in multiple languages, helping your business to understand your brand perception globally. Brandwatch's key features include sentiment analysis, trend tracking, and brand impact scoring.


Brandwatch also lets you keep an eye on your competitors, providing insights into their performance, customer sentiment, and strategies. It's an invaluable tool to stay updated with your industry's developments and measure your brand's impact against your competitors.

The insightful data gathered by Brandwatch supports strategic decision-making, helping to shape and refine your business and marketing strategies.

20. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a powerful tool that monitors conversations about your brand and industry in real-time across various online platforms, including social media, blogs, news sites, and more. It provides instant alerts on mentions, enabling you to respond promptly and manage your brand reputation.


Beyond brand monitoring, Talkwalker goes a step further by analyzing industry trends and consumer sentiments, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the market's pulse.

Its AI-powered analytics allows you to dive deep into data, creating detailed and meaningful insights around audience behavior, sentiment analysis, and brand health.

Using Talkwalker helps ensure that you are always informed about real-time discussions surrounding your brand and industry, empowering you to make more informed business decisions.

Twitter Tools for Timing

The best way to get your tweets seen is by posting them at the right time. If you post when your audience is most active, they are more likely to see it and engage with it. This can be difficult if you have a global audience, but some tools can help. Here are some of the best Twitter tools for timing:

21. Audiense

Audiense is a comprehensive social marketing platform with features that help you discover the best time to tweet based on your audience’s online activity. 


Audiense provides detailed insights about when your followers are most likely to be online, which helps to amplify your tweet's reach and engagement.

22. Highperformr

Highperformr is a robust Twitter tool that identifies the best time to tweet in alignment with your followers' activity. Its built-in algorithms analyze when your followers are most active on Twitter, thereby suggesting the optimal tweet timings.

Apart from this, Highperformr tracks the performance of your tweets, analyzing metrics like impressions, engagement rates, and conversions.

The blend of scheduling capabilities and analytics allows Highperformr to tailor a more effective Twitter strategy, ensuring your tweets get the highest possible engagement.

Twitter Tools for Images

Twitter is becoming a visual platform, and images are one of the best ways to engage your audience. Here are some tools that can help you create and share images on Twitter:

23. Canva

Canva is an intuitive graphic design platform that enables the creation of captivating and professional-looking images, even without prior design experience. It offers an expansive library of templates, fonts, icons, and stock images, allowing you to create visually appealing content easily.


The platform also provides data visualization tools like graphs and charts, making it an excellent tool for infographics. Canva's drag-and-drop interface and collaborative features make it a versatile tool for content creation. Whether for social media posts, presentations, banners, or promotional materials, Canva empowers you to bring your design ideas to life effortlessly.

24. Pablo

Pablo, developed by Buffer, is a handy tool dedicated to creating beautiful and engaging images for social media. It features a simple and intuitive interface that lets you choose from over 600k+ images, apply filters, add text overlays, and even integrate your logo.

One of Pablo's unique features is its pre-set sizes aligned with the optimal dimensions for different social media platforms, ensuring your images always look their best.

The tool's seamless integration with Buffer also allows for immediate scheduling of your posts. Pablo makes social media content design straightforward, ensuring high-quality visual content to elevate your social media presence.

Twitter Tools for Trending Topics

Giving opinions on the trends is a good way to boost your brand's engagement. These tools allow you to track trending topics, search for relevant hashtags, and even schedule tweets based on what's happening in the world.

25. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is a powerful tool that provides real-time tracking of local Twitter trends from around the world. With a visually appealing, interactive map, Trendsmap enables you to explore popular topics and hashtags by geographical location. This information allows you to understand regional preferences better and tailor your content accordingly.


Moreover, Trendsmap's advanced filtering options let you dive deeper into the data, offering insights into the most influential users within specific regions, relevant tweets, and even trends over time. Trendsmap also helps you make informed decisions about your content and social media strategy by analyzing global Twitter trends.

26. Hashtagify is a user-friendly tool that allows you to search for trending hashtags related to your content across multiple social media platforms. Just by entering a keyword, reveals the top related hashtags, their popularity, recent usage, and correlations with other relevant tags.


The platform also offers insights into influential users utilizing these hashtags, which can help you connect with key individuals in your niche. helps you identify and leverage trending hashtags so that your content can reach a larger audience and engage more people.

Twitter Tools for Content Creation

With AI support from the popular Twitter tools, you can easily create and manage your social media content. Here are some tools:

27. Portent's Content Idea Generator

Portent's Content Idea Generator is a practical digital tool designed to generate creative content titles or ideas based on a keyword you input. The tool can be enormously helpful when you're suffering from writer's block or wish to explore new content angles you may not have thought of initially.

The tool is straightforward to use: enter a keyword related to the content you want to create, and it will generate a unique and often witty title or idea for a post. Although this tool was primarily designed for blog post titles, it can be adapted to generate tweet content ideas as well.

The ideas generated often include puns, alliteration, or popular tropes which can be a catchy way to grab attention. If you're not satisfied with the first idea it presents, you can refresh for more ideas until you find a title you like.

Apart from generating content ideas, the tool also provides tips on why certain ideas might work, detailing content strategy tactics such as targeting reader's needs, using common questions, or including strong visual words. It allows you to think more strategically about your content creation, making it a handy tool for Twitter and other content platforms.

28. Feedly

Feedly is a robust tool ideal for content curation on Twitter. Acting as a supercharged RSS feed, Feedly organizes content from numerous online sources into one easy-to-navigate platform. It collects articles, blog posts, and news stories based on your specified interests and industry topics.


Feedly lets you collate, sort, and read content from your favorite publications and online sources. Moreover, it helps to identify trending topics and suggests popular articles that you might want to share on your Twitter feed.

It ensures that you always have relevant, high-quality content to post, helping to maintain a consistent, engaging presence on Twitter. 

29. Highperformr's Free Tools for Content Creation

a. AI Thread generator for X (Twitter)

Highperformr's AI X (Twitter) Thread Generator is an AI-powered tool tailor-made for you to create engaging Twitter threads with ease. You simply input your key points, select your preferred tone and style, and the tool crafts a unique thread just for you. 

It even considers your past content to align with the preferences of your audience. Its aim? To boost your audience engagement, save you precious time, and ensure consistency in your content delivery by making the process of generating coherent and captivating Twitter threads a cinch.

b. Viral Post Generator X (Twitter)

This creative tool can be used to generate viral-worthy Twitter posts, likely to gain high engagement and reach. Viral Post Generator X (Twitter) uses AI-based algorithms to consider trending topics, performance patterns, and audience preferences as it aids you in creating compelling Twitter content.

Both tools are part of Highperformr's range of AI-powered free offerings. Specifically, they've been designed to automate and optimize your content creation process for Twitter. Make sure you effectively leverage these tools to get the most out of your Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter Tools for Twitter Chats

30. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a robust solution for managing social media conversations, including Twitter chats. 

You can add a stream that tracks a specific hashtag and respond directly within the feed. This allows you to participate in the conversation in real-time, which is especially useful for Twitter chats.

31. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is an advanced social media management tool that provides a unified Smart Inbox. 


The Smart Inbox compiles all your Twitter messages and mentions, including those with specific chat hashtags, so you can follow and participate in the conversation without any hassle.


Using a well-tailored set of Twitter tools can save you time, provide valuable insights, help you create better content, and build a more engaged following. From content creation to scheduling, tracking mentions, analytics, and more, these 31 tools can help you harness the full power of Twitter for your marketing needs.

But let's be honest, how can you manage more than 2-3 tools?

That's why we suggest you stick with one overall tool like Highperformr, and for graphics and social listening, stick with Canva and Brandwatch.

Less tools, more focus, more time to do what you love.

Start with the free plan of Highperformr now and get started with your Twitter marketing.

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