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February 16, 2024

10 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools For 2024

As a social media marketer, you are always searching for tools and resources that can save time, maximize efficiency and generate an ROI you’re proud of.

However, maintaining a social media presence across so many platforms and posting unique content everywhere is challenging. For small and big teams, the mountain isn’t just creating and compiling content but also being consistent and ensuring that your efforts are geared in the right direction. 

You need an AI-first, next-gen social media scheduling tool to have a hassle-free and effortless omnipresence across channels. And we have just the right list of options for you! Let’s dive in. 

What is a Social Media Scheduling Tool? 

A social media scheduling tool allows you to post content across all platforms at a designated time. From linking media to writing engaging captions and tracking the insights and analytics for each post - having the right social media scheduling tool makes social media management easier, while saving precious time. 

As a business, you are well aware that maintaining a robust social media presence isn’t just a boutique activity anymore. It’s no longer limited to posting holiday greetings or Black Friday deals once every year either — but an everyday commitment. 

Here’s why: 

An average consumer spends 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on social media apps. With paid advertising becoming an increasingly unaffordable way of promoting the business online—social media is your best bet in expanding your internet reach. 

What To Look For In a Social Media Scheduling Tool? 

Now that we’re settled on the need for having an omnipresent social media strategy, let’s talk about the right kind of tool that you need, and the features it should have. 

There are dozens of options available in a range of price points, so finding the right social media scheduling tool in your budget can get tricky. Your best bet is to narrow the list down by features. Here are some must-haves: 

1. Platforms Served

Now, the first thing to look for is the primary platforms that you want to post on and the tool’s individual compatibility with each of the platforms. 

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., are some leading platforms that require regular updates. 

✅ What to look for: A tool supporting all your primary social platforms. 

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2. Multi-Profile Support

If you’re an agency serving multiple clients, you might need to work for and schedule posts for various clients at once. 

This means the scheduling tool mustn’t have a limit on the number of profiles that you can connect with one account. 

✅  What to look for: A scheduler that matches your desired capacity.

3. Bulk Scheduling

If you're all about saving time, bulk scheduling is essential. This nifty feature lets you schedule a bunch or even a boatload of posts in just a few minutes. 

✅ What to look for: A social media scheduling tool that not only supports bulk publishing but also does it in a way that genuinely saves you time.

4. Queueing and Rescheduling

With queueing and rescheduling, the goal isn't just scheduling content at a particular moment but establishing a continuous flow of valuable posts.

✅ What to look for: A scheduling tool that provides the flexibility to create content queues and easily republish or reschedule posts according to your strategic needs.

5. Labeling Systems

Labeling systems play a pivotal role in keeping your company's content calendar organized, and it's essential to seamlessly integrate this organizational structure into your scheduling tool. 

✅ What to look for: A scheduling tool that establishes a labeling system, enabling you to organize your social media calendar efficiently and align it with your content strategy.

6. Approval Workflows

For marketing teams, collaboration is key, and often, you rely on the contributions of your colleagues. There might be instances where you need their insights on your copy or require their approval before scheduling a post.

✅ What to look for: A scheduling tool that allows you to assign items to team members or establish approval workflows, streamlining the scheduling process and enhancing collaboration within your team.

7. Analytics and Reporting

As a social media manager, your role extends beyond just scheduling content; it involves monitoring and analyzing social media performance to gauge progress towards your goals.

✅ What to look for: A scheduling tool that handles content scheduling and provides robust analytics capabilities, empowering you to track performance effectively and generate insightful reports.

10 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

There’s a tool on this list for everyone in all capacities. Keep scrolling to see if you find the one that fits the bill for your needs:

1. Highperformr (Best Social Media Scheduling Tool With Free Trial)

Highperformr is a user-friendly analytics and publishing tool for individuals, creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to stay consistent with their posting schedule and expand their online reach. 

With AI-powered features, Highperformr helps you in getting started with the content ideation process and see it through development, scheduling, publishing, and live analytics. 

The easy, one-step access to all its features, such as this AI LinkedIn Viral Post Generator, allows professionals to tap in and use the tool to fulfill their immediate needs like writing a zinger post, or sharing a professional win. 

Consider the top problems of maintaining (and growing) digital presence: consistency, ROI, and steady growth. Highperformr lets you solve all three by showing insights, equipping your account with a consistency tracker, and the right community engagement tools. 

Apart from the basics, what makes Highperformr stand out is the AI-powered built-in automations that allow you to focus on creating content that aligns with trending topics. 

The robust scheduling features allow users to schedule their tweets and threads weeks in advance, freeing time and maximizing audience engagement for each post. 

Highperformr Top Free Tools

  • AI X (Twitter) Post Generator: Draft a post with AI, add your human touch on the go, and schedule it advance—all with our advanced Highperformr’s AI X post generator.
  • AI X (Twitter) Thread Generator: Split your long-form content into clean, cohesive, and readable threads through AI Thread Generator. 
  • X (Twitter) Long Post Generator: Feed the tool with your unique tone and style, and create long-form posts that cater to your engaged readership. 
  • X (Twitter) Photo Resizer: You don’t have to shuttle from editor to X. Just feed the visuals in the Highperformr’s Photo Resizer, and let it do the magic. 
  • X (Twitter) Video Downloader: You can download high-quality Twitter videos in seconds. All you have to do is enter the URL in the Twitter video downloader, preview and download the video.

How to Schedule with Highperformr

You can schedule a post in in four easy steps:

See how easy it was. Give it a try yourself today. Get started here. 


  • Growth Funnel Analysis and content topic analysis for X (Twitter)
  • AI coach for ideation, writing, and editing content 
  • Headline generator for ads and other marketing needs
  • Blog Tools features for ideation, creation, and publishing of blogs 
  • Enhanced search engine optimization for content
  • AI-enhanced email generation for various purposes
  • Built-in Image resize and video Tools for different platforms


  • Generates content ideas effortlessly and adapts to your unique tone of voice
  • Offers efficient automation with streamlined scheduling of posts across all platforms
  • Assists in establishing and growing your social media presence through consistent posting
  • Comes with a built-in AI assistant and automations that allow users to focus on creating engaging content

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a comprehensive social media scheduling tool that puts your social media strategy on “auto-pilot,” as signaled by the tool’s name. Serving a wide range of features, the tool stands out for its flexible scheduling options that span across different time zones and market activity periods. 

Posting when your followers are most active is not a revolutionary concept, but SocialPilot adds new gears to this strategy by scheduling a single post multiple times at different time slots. What’s more? You can schedule up to 500 posts at once.


  • Story and post scheduler integrated into the SocialPilot mobile app
  • Share stories, reels, shorts, images, videos, and text posts
  • Add images from Google Drive, Dropbox, or a stock image library


  • Content visualization through a user-friendly calendar view
  • Shortened URLs effortlessly for enhanced click-through rates
  • Accessible browser extensions for seamless integration and workflow


  • Copying and pasting content occasionally results in formatting issues
  • The absence of an overview dashboard that displays analytics for all accounts at once
  • The inability to save audience profiles 
  • Limited social media accounts organized by brand/account

3. Sendible (Bulk Scheduling)

Sendible is an excellent all-in-one social media management app for direct scheduling months worth of content in a single sitting. The bulk importer and an integrated content customisation feature allow you to personalize every post without manually adding locations, hashtags, and other essentials. 

Delivering content scheduling “at scale,” Sendible stands out among other tools for its accessibility and user-friendly interface that can be accessed by experts and novices alike.


  • Audience demographics and other detailed metrics for comprehensive insights
  • Intuitive calendar interface
  • Centralized content library


  • Personalized calendar previews for each client to enhance agency-client collaboration
  • Supports various services, multiple Facebook groups, and business pages at once


  • Limited display features and overview calendar
  • Concerns about inconsistent validation, where some Instagram posts accepted by Sendible face rejection by Instagram
  • Random disconnection of accounts, along with the absence of LinkedIn professional page tagging and issues with content saving in the library

4. Sprout Social (Insights & Analytics)

Sprout Social is a multi-platform social media management tool with many basic and advanced content scheduling and audience engagement features. With the Dashboard, you can monitor and manage scheduled social media posts and upcoming posting cycles. 

In an effort to maintain audience engagement, Sprout Social offers an integrated “Smart Inbox” feature that lets you manage and respond to messages across all of your social media profiles.


  • Streamlined customer care and community engagement 
  • Ideating, planning, creating, and posting all within the app
  • Analytics and insights for strategic decision making within the app


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface surpassing previous tools
  • Effortless integration with Salesforce for smooth implementation


  • On the expensive side, especially for managing 25+ accounts from a marketing agency perspective
  • Inability to tag social media profiles from within the platform when creating posts
  • Lack of integration with PowerBi for conversion tracking

5. Buffer (Best Free Tool)

Buffer, one of the oldest and ‘OG’ social media scheduling apps, offers premium scheduling, analytics, and audience management features with its free and premium tiered plans. 

You can ideate, create, and schedule directly from the app without jumping from one app to the other. Along with other features, Buffer offers an exclusive Shopify plugin that tells you the real-time of your posts on your store.


  • Manage multiple social media profiles
  • Collaborate with multiple team members 
  • Detailed analytics performance analysis at each step of the way


  • Streamlines content management for social media managers with a one-window operation
  • Enables the scheduling of posts for the entire month with one click on multiple platforms
  • Features a fluent and easy-to-navigate interface, enhancing user experience


  • Over time, Buffer has moved some features from free to paid, which can be challenging for users accustomed to free functionalities
  • The queuing system may be a bit tricky, especially for users with specific ideas of when they want scheduled content to be posted
  • Pricing, particularly for those on tight budgets or starting businesses, can be a drawback
  • The free version has limitations, and users may need to opt for a paid plan for additional features

6. Loomly (Best all-in-one ecosystem)

Loomly, a versatile social media management platform, streamlines the entire posting process. It caters to diverse user needs with features like intuitive scheduling, creative content generation, and collaborative workflows. The tool delivers an expanded calendar view, seamless multi-account integration, and custom approval workflows.


  • Post creation, optimization, previewing, team review, approval workflows, and scheduling
  • Provides Post Ideas for creative content generation
  • Offers guidance on optimizing posts for maximum impact


  • Facilitates mass and unique posting across accounts
  • Efficiently manages posting timing, content, and platforms


  • Inconsistent display of link previews across platforms, requiring additional time to create images for specific cases
  • Lack of a feature to save or prioritize commonly tagged clients for streamlined tagging
  • Absence of notifications when a collaborator creates content for review and approval
  • Inability to upload PDF documents for LinkedIn posts
  • Occasional challenges in viewing analytics, requiring the removal and re-addition of social media accounts for resolution

7. Later (Best for Instagram)

Later is a free tool for planning and scheduling. Later is best for content creators and independent publishers who are running a one-person business. 

It comes with a great app for phone as well as desktop. Later helps in scheduling posts for all major platforms, but its flagship service is undoubtedly Instagram. 

The publishing tool goes beyond regular posting, and allows users to leave comments, locations, and tag people.


  • Interactive content visualizer
  • Post analytics, including engagement, audience demographics, and performance numbers 
  • Recommendations for posting schedule 


  • Media import from Dropbox and Google Drive, and Unsplash free stock photos
  • Full calendar view of a week’s worth of content. 
  • Analytics page for monthly overview of content performance


  • Lacks visual arrangement of feed 
  • Lack of analytics and posting features for LinkedIn 
  • Price increases as more accounts are added 

8. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a full-fledged marketing tool that allows you to be strategic with how you plan, create, and automate your content publishing calendar. The tool has a Social Calendar, a Content Calendar, a Marketing Suite, and its flagship Headline Studio.


  • Direct publishing across multiple platforms at once
  • Bulk scheduling 
  • Colour-coded social media calendar for an overview of marketing activities 


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Free perks like the content calendar 
  • Works across teams and various accounts 
  • One-stop solution for running social campaigns


  • On the expensive side 
  • Limited features on the paid side
  • Lack of filters that set the posts apart
  • Bifurcation based on dates makes it hard to track 

9. SocialBee (Create content from scratch)

SocialBee emerges as a versatile and user-friendly social media management platform, offering various features designed to elevate your digital presence. 

With SocialBee, users can effortlessly create visually appealing graphics using popular tools like Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY for GIFs. The platform employs AI to generate posts, formulate content strategies, and recommend optimal posting times, providing an invaluable resource for seamless content planning.


  • Design eye-catching graphics using Canva, incorporating stock images and GIFs seamlessly
  • Categorize posts instantly using RSS feed or bulk imports for streamlined content management
  • Build effective hashtag collections derived from your content for impactful categorization


  • Seamless integration and handling of 99% of social media tasks, including photo editing on-the-go, multiple photo variations within one post, and management of various social media accounts
  • Seamless integration with Canva for content creation


  • Learning curve in adapting to SocialBee's method of sharing content on Instagram
  • The mobile version of SocialBee is perceived as less robust than its desktop counterpart
  • Users need to create a substantial amount of content to kickstart the automation 

10. Hootsuite (Customer Management)

If you're seeking a comprehensive solution for all your social media management requirements, Hootsuite offers an all-in-one platform. From scheduling messages and managing potential posts to monitoring inboxes and running boosted post campaigns, it covers a broad spectrum of functionalities.


  • Inbuilt competitor analysis, follower study, and post performance tracker tools 
  • Social ads manager 
  • Customises reports for your preferences


  • Time-management features for timely communication and broader outreach in international security studies
  • Integrated AI for collaborative posting and brand voice monitoring
  • Seamless integration across departments
  • Scheduling feature for preventing overlap and strategic timing of posts
  • Centralized platform streamlining daily routines for marketing and social media tasks


  • Occasional disconnections with social platforms
  • Insufficient analytics for LinkedIn; excessive focus on Instagram post suggestions
  • Among the most expensive social media managers with limitations on competitors in reports.
  • Could provide more training on new updates for optimal platform utilization


Some social media apps like X (Twitter), and LinkedIn have inbuilt scheduling for limited posts at a time. However, merely scheduling a post isn’t enough - and doesn’t translate to a coherent social media strategy. Which is why you need a social media scheduling tool that comes with features such as dashboard, calendar overview, analytics, among others.  

Here are your best options for the latest AI-powered social media scheduling tools to dominate the game in 2024 and beyond. From crafting compelling headlines and generating primary text for Facebook and Google ads to SEO optimization and Title & Meta Descriptions Generation, is a one stop tool for your social media content management and CRM needs.

Explore the best scheduler in the game, for free, with

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