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We help B2B businesses get better ROI from social media

Traditional B2B marketing needs to be revisited. Standard lead generation tactics are becoming ineffective, targeting only about 5% of potential customers. However, the bigger opportunity lies in engaging the other 95%.

Social media platforms are where this happens. Yet, many businesses today use social media primarily for branding rather than for meaningful engagement. The focus tends to be on paid lead generation rather than on nurturing potential relationships through meaningful engagement.

At Highperformr, we recognize the need for a product that helps elevate the social presence of brands, leadership, founders, and drive employee advocacy and social selling. Highperformr is a Gen AI-driven platform that integrates social media management, lead generation, and customer relationship management, all enhanced by the power of large language models (LLMs). Our platform is designed to transform how businesses interact with their audience, ensuring that every interaction counts toward building lasting relationships and driving sustainable growth.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create a social CRM platform using LLM, and redefine how businesses engage with their prospects and customers.

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Our team


We are a compact, diverse team united by our passion for tech and a drive to challenge the status quo. We emphasize individual contribution over traditional team structures, and adopt an AI-first approach, using AI to help us work smarter and find solutions to our problems efficiently and swiftly.

Srivatsan Venkatesan

Co-founder & CEO
Building Highperformr

Ramesh Ravishankar

Co-Founder & CGO
Growing Highperformr

Harsh Munjal

Founding Designer
Designing Highperformr

Bhagirath Goud

Founding Engineer
Backend Engineer

Prabakaran Rangasamy

Founding Engineer
Frontend engineer

Manikandan Venkatesan

Founding Member Product Growth
Enabling Product Adoption

Sushma Nagendran

Content Lead

Yashaswi Murthy

Social Media Manager

Ajay Prem

SEO & Content Writer

Abishekk R

Sales & GTM