About us

Unifying People and Business
in the Social Era

At the heart of every business are individuals forging connections and building relationships. In today's digitally driven world, social interactions shape our daily lives, and businesses, composed of inherently social beings, naturally gravitate towards these connections.

Recognizing this evolution, HighPerformr.ai is dedicated to revolutionizing social Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our AI-first CRM platform simplifies content curation, publishing, engagement, and analytics across various social media platforms. Beyond mere management, our vision extends to crafting the next-gen Social CRM, leveraging social conversations as a goldmine to propel business growth.

With a profound market opportunity, HighPerformr.ai stands poised to lead the way into the future of social media and customer relationship management.

We Want to Deliver World-Class Solutions

At Highperformr, we embrace a dynamic work culture with a compact yet dedicated team comprising skilled practitioners and enthusiastic contributors, spread across the globe. What binds us together is our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class products with a sense of craftsmanship at their core. We take pride in crafting solutions that are not only easy to use but are also co-created with our global customers, aligning seamlessly with their goals.

Our team


We’re a cross-disciplinary team that loves to create great experiences for our customers.

Srivatsan Venkatesan

Co-founder & CEO
Building Highperformr

Ramesh Ravishankar

Co-Founder & CGO
Growing Highperformr

Harsh Munjal

Founding Designer
Designing Highperformr

Bhagirath Goud

Founding Engineer
Backend Engineer

Prabakaran Rangasamy

Founding Engineer
Frontend engineer

Priya V

Founding GTM Member
Sales and Customer Success

Manikandan Venkatesan

Founding Member Product Growth
Enabling Product Adoption

Yeshwanth G

Computer Science at VIT, Chennai

Why Join Highperformr?

We believe in fostering a holistic and dynamic workplace where you can create, innovate and thrive!

Always Think Customer

We build products that matter to customers and are intuitively user-friendly.

Distribution First Mindset

We actively promote widespread product accessibility, fostering a inclusivity in distribution efforts.

Quality Over Quantity

We emphasize the importance of delivering high-quality products over a quantity of features.

Specialized Team Skills

Every member is an active practitioner, bringing unique skills to a small and agile team.

Trust in Teammates

Trust by default in a small and cohesive unit, trusting each member's commitment for success.

Inclusive Customer Reach

Our products will serve a wide range of customers, from businesses to solo entrepreneurs and individuals.