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April 12, 2024

Top 9 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Your Brand in 2024

A survey by Adobe found that 98% of marketers rated marketing automation as extremely important for success. The availability of advanced tools can perform diverse tasks like personalized messaging, sending emails, generating leads, streamlining sales, and ultimately increasing revenue. With social media, reaching one’s target audience is even easier. Among the many platforms, LinkedIn is ideal for marketing professionals to enhance their network and share valuable content for brand awareness. So can you automate regular LinkedIn tasks? Yes, you can! 

Linkedin automation tools offer a range of features, including automated connection requests, message sequences, profile views, and lead generation. By automating these processes, you can save time and effort while expanding your network and engaging with potential leads. With over 1 billion users, social media managers and LinkedIn leaders must find the right people and follow relevant organizations to share valuable content and get their message across to the right audience.

Let us find out the top LinkedIn automation tools, with their pros and cons and user reviews so you can choose the right tool for your organization. 

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation refers to using specialized tools and software to carry out typical tasks on the platform. These tools self-regulate repetitive tasks, reducing the manual input and thus saving time.

LinkedIn automation tasks include sending connection requests, following up with personalized messages, creating and scheduling content, and tracking campaign performances. Automation tools improve efficiency, enabling users to focus on more strategic aspects of their LinkedIn presence or lead-generation efforts.

5 Things To Know When Choosing a LinkedIn Automation Tool

Among the many social media automation tools, how do you determine which is best for your LinkedIn marketing strategy?

  • AI-driven capabilties: Many (legacy) social media management tools, despite offering robust features for streamlining your social media operations, lack really robust AI-capabilities. Such tools possess capabilities to write posts in bulk, vary tone of voice, and identify engagement trends helping you grow your social media at scale.
  • Your marketing needs: Do you want to save some time in LinkedIn profile management, or do you like to generate high-quality leads? Before signing up for a tool, note your expectations so you know what it needs to offer.
  • Ease of Use: Choose a user-friendly tool your team can readily adapt to. Tools with complex interfaces can take more time to get familiar with, and mistakes in the outreach campaign can prove costly for a company's reputation.
  • Reviews: Research the pros and cons of the software you are considering. The reviews will help you comprehend the features, benefits, and customer service support, all of which matter in the final user experience. Choose a tool with reasonable ratings and reviews from professionals in your industry.

Top 9 LinkedIn Automation Tools

Let us delve into the details of the top LinkedIn automation tools, including their best features and reviews, to help you make the right choice.

1. Expandi  

Expandi is an effective cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that is extremely easy to set up. It has swift operations, manages your routine tasks, generates leads, and is perfect for sales teams and agencies. It has built-in scraping features to filter your outreach list and extract data from prospects. You can use it to drive marketing campaigns for your clients using one dashboard. It provides A/B testing to experiment with various campaign strategies.


  • Hyper-personalization in images and GIFs
  • Highly customizable templates 
  • Dedicated smart inbox to manage engagements
  • Smart sequencing for smoother workflows
  • Target options as per industry, job title, location, etc.


  • No detailed manuals for some features 
  • Takes time to learn 
  • Gets a little slow over time


As per a G2 reviewer, "Expandi facilitates highly personalized outreach. Users can tailor their messages with placeholders for crucial prospect information such as name, company, and other pertinent details. This level of personalization, even at scale, enables establishing authentic connections with leads, ultimately leading to increased response rates."

2. Lempod

Lempod is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to enhance engagement via the platform. Posts with top engagement will improve your visibility online, and Lempod has the tools to do just that. It creates groups of people who support your content and interact with it. These tools are called "pods," and they can automatically get likes and comments on your posts. Lempod works best for networking within a community. 


  • Access to relevant engagement pods 
  • AI-generated comments on your posts 
  • Ability to track your views/likes/comments
  • Cost-effective plans


  • Not suited for lead generation 
  • Comments can be very generic 
  • Tedious cancellation process


According to a G2 reviewer, "I appreciate Lempod for its automated likes and comments, which enhance engagement on LinkedIn. The focus on genuine relationships, engagement pods, and algorithmic post boosts makes it valuable, promising increased visibility and authentic interactions on the platform."

3. Demand

Demand, known previously as Saleshub, is a Demand Generation platform. It helps identify your dream customers faster with LinkedIn, website visits, and technology signals. It can generate the perfect LinkedIn message and emails utilizing AI technology built with over 250 million contact data.  

Some of its features include automated connection requests, tailored messaging, and multichannel outreach. It also has double-verified email verification to boost email security.


  • Effective in lead generation for both LinkedIn and website 
  • Enhanced sales analytics 


  • Interface gets slow over time
  • Tracks personal emails into CRM


As per a G2 review, "Demand is the most affordable personalization software. It can customize your content specifically to the visitor's technology, which helps you categorize yourself as a specialist in a particular niche."

4. Phantombuster

Find your ideal prospects on LinkedIn using Phantombuster's growth strategies. You can send automated messages to targeted prospects based on their interests and needs. It has pre-built workflows for scraping data, lead connection, auto commenting, activity extracting, creating an outreach campaign with three follow-ups, etc. You can select more Phantoms per your needs and accelerate your LinkedIn outreach with a few clicks.


  • Personalization for outreach campaigns 
  • Pre-built workflows
  • Seamless data importing into any CRM


  • Security issues concerning LinkedIn privacy regulations
  • Unclear pricing


According to a G2 review, "Phantombuster has extreme flexibility. It caters to non-technical users with its easy-to-use interface and pre-built scripts. This powerful combination of features facilitates a more data-driven approach to decision-making and strategy formulation, making it a valuable tool in today's digital age."

5. TexAu

A portmanteau of text and automation, TexAu scales your business by extracting data across multiple platforms. It works on LinkedIn, ProductHunt, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and more apps. For LinkedIn, you can extract profiles, scrape emails, and find and reach out to group members. It can be integrated with all major CRMs and cold outreach tools. 


  • More than 120+ ready-to-use automations
  • Built-in email finder and verifier
  • Integration of LinkedIn with other platforms


  • Time-consuming setup
  • Steep learning curve


A review on G2 states, "TexAu is the ultimate growth automation toolbox that helps you connect with prospects, convert them into leads and nurture them at scale. TexAu has all the features to help me grow a business. The customer-oriented team goes the extra mile to ensure you are always supported."

6. Dux-Soup

One of the popular tools in LinkedIn automation, Dux-Soup scales your outreach. It auto-visits profiles, sends customized messages, and endorses connections. Personalize messages with a human touch by adding elements like images or emojis. Send InMails and messages and share campaigns with multiple members for collaborative outreach.


  • Automated LinkedIn connect invitations 
  • Custom time delays
  • CRM system with easy integration
  • One-to-one support services


  • Doesn't run when the browser is closed 
  • Not as secure 
  • Dependent on LinkedIn features 


A G2 review states, "It is so easy to set up campaigns in Dux-Soup. The tool gives you control over automating campaigns. The customer support is really fast and helpful."

7. MeetAlfred

MeetAlfred is a LinkedIn automation tool with a built-in CRM system that permits easy management of your contacts and conducting follow-ups. It has many integrations that support multichannel outreach. The features of automating connection requests, profile visits, and engagement can streamline your networking process.


  • Automation of connection requests
  • Bulk messaging with personalization
  • Robust CRM functionality 


  • Expensive monthly plans 
  • Inactive customer service 


As claimed by a G2 review, "This software makes it easy to prospect on LinkedIn. It makes every effort to respect LinkedIn's policies to avoid the risk of account blocking, which is crucial for LinkedIn professionals. It offers advanced prospecting automation features to send LinkedIn invites, track profiles, send personalized messages, and more, all in an automated way. This saves a lot of time and effort."

8. LinkedHelper

If you need help in social selling and marketing, LinkedHelper is an excellent software for lead generation on LinkedIn. It finds and targets B2B clients by automatically endorsing contacts. It attracts clients and turns them into potential customers. The user-friendly tool allows multi-account management.


  • Automated invitations to targeted contacts
  • Auto-responder for new connections
  • Compatibility with LinkedIn Basic and Premium 
  • Readymade workflows


  • Time-consuming CRM
  • Fewer features for customizing campaigns


A G2 reviewer writes, "LinkedHelper makes managing LinkedIn outreach and lead generation efforts much easier and more efficient. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and the customer support team is incredibly helpful. It can customize and schedule outreach campaigns, as well as detailed analytics on the effectiveness of campaigns. It saves a lot of time by automating many tedious tasks associated with LinkedIn outreach."

9. Salesflow

An all-in-one platform to elevate your LinkedIn outreach, Salesflow fast-tracks quality lead generation. You can increase brand awareness and website traffic and build your LinkedIn connections in a simple campaign. The features include tracking prospects with multiple campaigns, targeted campaigns for different markets, and detailed insights to fine-tune your strategies.


  • Creation and scheduling of multiple campaigns 
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Customizable inbox 
  • Centralized activity monitoring 


  • Performance issues with large datasets
  • Frequent technical glitches 


A G2 reviewer mentions, "Salesflow is an extremely seamless tool to set up. It's a tool that operates in the background. Add a LinkedIn sales navigator query of ICP contacts you want to auto-connect with and put them into a sequence, and then let Salesflow take care of the rest. When the prospect responds, you get a lead."

Benefits of LinkedIn Automation

It is a growing trend among professionals to rely on automation to boost their productivity and outreach. LinkedIn automation can benefit brands in the following ways:

  1. Streamline lead generation workflow: Businesses, entrepreneurs, or job seekers use LinkedIn as a valuable resource to connect with potential clients. Automation tools help identify the right individuals to connect with and advance the first formal conversation. You will have a streamlined workflow for lead generation.
  2. Carry out outreach at scale: Reaching out to a broader audience and networking with them is fundamental to LinkedIn marketing. Automation tools can personalize your communication with numerous professionals, influencers, and prospects simultaneously. to personalize your communication. This can help you craft tailored messages when sending out requests per your industry and targeted connections.
  3. Save Time: Automation tools reduce or eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks such as sending connection requests to multiple users, searching for cold leads, writing personalized messages, and reporting performance. An automation tool can manage it all with a few clicks, saving you some hours each day, which can be utilized to brainstorm new content ideas.
  4. Maintain consistency: LinkedIn requires a more professional and formal approach to networking. Once you feed in data about your brand tonality and language, all your posts, messages, and follow-ups will ensure consistent, formal communication that does not appear spammy. 
  5. Enhance performance with detailed reports: All software offers analytical tools to measure your content performance. You can get exact data about your outreach strategy, such as how many people replied and converted into leads.

How Can Highperformr Help in LinkedIn Automation?

While the above tools are specifically designed for automating routine tasks and lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, you can also rely on social media management software to optimize your LinkedIn profiles. Software like Highperformr can be extremely handy for creating engaging content for LinkedIn. It has free resources and AI tools that can simplify the content creation process for your LinkedIn account. Some of the tools you can use are as follows:

All of these tools by Highperfomr enable you to produce content that resonates with your target audience. With gradual engagement and consistency, you can create a more extensive profile following, which automation tools can further enhance for lead generation. 

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