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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Twitter Marketing Service

With over 368 million active monthly users, marketing on X/Twitter has huge potential for any brand looking to increase their social media exposure and share insights on new developments in their industry.

While Twitter marketing has helped countless businesses work towards their goals, it’s a very competitive arena, and you may be looking to outsource your next X/Twitter campaign to get ahead of the game.

In this post, we’ll look at five important points to keep in mind while choosing an X/Twitter marketing service that’s right for you.

1. Set Clear Goals

The first step in finding a Twitter marketing service that’s a good fit for your brand is establishing the specific goals you’re hoping to achieve with your partnership. 

Though any reputable Twitter marketing service provider will be familiar with the general best practices that can help drive visibility and engagement, you’ll only be able to maximize the potential of the relationship if you and your marketing partner know precisely what success looks like.

Some Twitter marketing goals you might want to focus on include:

  • Building brand awareness through quality tweets and Twitter ads.
  • Driving traffic to your website by promoting blog content, product pages, and landing pages.
  • Generating leads by promoting free trials, mailing list forms, or lead magnet content.
  • Generating sales by directly promoting your product or service.

By coming to the conversation prepared with specific priorities for your Twitter marketing, you’ll be able to help agencies and partners understand the current state of your social media campaigns and help them craft a bespoke strategy that’s tailored to you.

2. Conduct Thorough Research and Shop Around

Like with anything, if you want to find the best Twitter marketing service for you, it’s essential that you research the market thoroughly and rather than jumping at the first offer you come across.

Using referrals from your professional network, Google, and any other sources you have access to, start building a shortlist of the most reputable agencies and consultants who can show experience with businesses like yours.

Once you have 5-10 candidates who seem like a good fit, we recommend reviewing each option in turn across a consistent set of variables.

Some things to consider at this stage include:

  • Public reviews, client success stories, and testimonials for each Twitter marketing service.
  • Evidence of experience within your industry and the kind of growth metrics the marketer was able to achieve.
  • Twitter marketing service descriptions.
  • Tools and reporting capabilities.
  • The quality of tweets and other content the candidate has produced for their past clients.

By carefully assessing these kinds of variables, you’ll be able to narrow down your shortlist to the best Twitter marketing services according to performance and experience in your niche, helping your outsourced campaign get off to a strong start.

3. Evaluate Their Marketing Tech Slack

It’s crucial to investigate the kind of tech stack your partner will bring to the table before you sign with them.

Although tech isn’t everything, the tools that a consultant or agency brings to the table will determine a lot about their capabilities in comparison to your competitors, and the overall success of your Twitter marketing service.

While you’re weighing up your options for Twitter marketing services and reviewing their tech capabilities, some key things to consider include:

Tools’ alignment with your goals: Your partner’s tech should have sufficient functionality to track the KPIs feeding into the goals you’re hoping to achieve.

Integration and efficiency: Most reputable marketing agencies are going to use several different tools as part of their Twitter marketing service, e.g a social CRM, analytics platform, and email marketing suite. It’s important that these aren’t so diffuse that they create inefficient data silos. 

Use of AI: Today, AI tools are revolutionizing what’s considered best practice across all marketing disciplines, including Twitter marketing services. With this in mind, it’s important to look for a marketing partner with a forward-thinking approach to this technology that will ensure they’re in-step with the competition.

General tech expertise: A good Twitter marketing service should be informed by a thorough knowledge of the current martech landscape, and it pays to ask questions that will help you evaluate this. If your agency shows a lack of knowledge about widely-used tools in your industry, this should be taken as a red flag.

When you’re reviewing the tech stack of a potential Twitter marketing service, it can be useful to try out some industry-leading tools yourself and build a stronger point of reference. Be sure to check out our free social media AI tools before talking shop with agencies and consultants for a better idea of the current state of Twitter marketing technology.

4. Assess Collaboration and Communication Standards

One of the most common reasons that outsourced marketing projects fail is a lack of communication and collaboration in the partnership. While you’re weighing your options for Twitter marketing services, be sure to prepare questions that will help you assess things like your partner’s communication style, responsiveness, and frequency of reporting.

It’s also important to consider a potential marketing partner’s attitude to collaboration while carrying out your campaign. Though the whole idea of finding an outsourced Twitter marketing service is to take advantage of an outside source’s expertise, it’s still crucial to find a partner who will include you in the decision-making process and ask for your input at important junctures in your campaign.

By setting clear expectations in both information-sharing and collaboration, you’ll ensure that you and your stakeholders are kept in the loop over the course of your campaign, and that you can help third-party marketers to keep your campaigns aligned with your brand values and identity.

5. Enquire About Their Roadmap and Pace of Innovation

Social media is a fast-evolving marketing discipline, and what a quality Twitter marketing service looks like today is going to be very different in five to ten years.

To ensure your marketing partner is really going to help you get ahead of the curve and flourish in a competitive landscape, it's important to ask about their attitude to innovation and the steps they’re taking to keep their services at the forefront of modern social media marketing.

Some questions you might want to ask include:

  • Have any of your staff attended or spoken at industry events lately?
  • What’s your internal training and development program like?
  • What lessons have you learned from previous campaigns, and how will these be applied to mine?

Though these kinds of questions might come as a surprise in your initial conversations, a truly innovative marketing partner will be prepared with specific, detailed answers that prove their forward-thinking approach to work. 

By running a potential Twitter marketing service through this final assessment, you’ll ensure your campaign goes above and beyond standard best practices, and gives you the best possible return on investment.

Finding the Perfect Twitter Marketing Service

Outsourced marketing is a huge industry, and when you start the search for a Twitter marketing service, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. However, by running your options through these assessments, you’ll quickly narrow down your search and find a social marketing partner who’s a great fit for your brand.

To help familiarize yourself with the modern standards in analytics and AI tools during your search, sign up to Highperformr for free today!

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