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Top 6 X/Twitter Marketing Agencies

With fast-paced news cycles, limited characters with every post, and immense value placed on conversation rather than content, running a successful Twitter marketing campaign can be challenging for any brand that needs to keep time and resources available for other areas of their business.

Like many marketers looking to extract more value from X/Twitter, you may be thinking about hiring a Twitter marketing agency to help you reach your more ambitious social media goals. However, with so many options for outsourced Twitter services, finding the right agency for your needs can be more than a little challenging.

If you’re in the market for support with your Twitter campaigns, here’s a list of our six favorite Twitter marketing agencies.

1. Filla Life Media

Filla Life Media is a full-service digital agency built on more than 20 years of experience, and has tackled successful campaigns in a number of challenging niches, particularly healthcare.

With a wealth of experience under its name, Filla Life prioritizes long-term partnerships with their clients, rather than short, rapid sprints, and states on their website that they “spend time vetting every opportunity to ensure we can add immediate value”. 

This philosophy sets them apart as a prime choice for brands looking for a Twitter marketing agency that will see them through to their long-term business goals, rather than solve one or two issues with their Twitter campaigns.

Promising bespoke strategies that prioritize return on spend, and informed by carefully-crafted strategies and audience profiles, Filla Life Media is a great choice for anyone in the market for a comprehensive roadmap to generating more business through Twitter.

2. Moburst

Founded in 2005 and boasting successful campaigns for names such as Reddit, Uber, and Discovery, Moburst is a Twitter marketing agency that’s sure to bring tons of expertise to your campaign.

Their approach to social media marketing is centered around combining a robust organic content strategy with paid advertising, helping to build a strong foundation for people to discover your brand through great content, and accelerating engagement with precisely-targeted ads.

Alongside this two-fold approach to social, Moburst also emphasizes quality competitor research, giving you a full view of how other businesses in your space are performing in both paid and organic channels. This makes them a fitting Twitter marketing agency for businesses who are struggling to build their share of voice and want to change this.

3. Ignite Social Media

While many other agencies spread themselves out across every channel you can think of, Ignite Social Media focuses on providing social-only service packages, giving you the assurance that your Twitter marketing drive will be laser-focused and backed up by plenty of platform-specific expertise.

Ignite’s service menu covers all the key facets of an effective social media strategy, including:

  • Content development.
  • Community management.
  • Paid advertising.
  • Influencer marketing.

With dedicated strategies for all of these areas of marketing, Ignite Social Media is a stand-out Twitter marketing agency for brands that are confident in a handful of these areas, but want to develop their approach to Twitter into something more comprehensive.

4. Taktical

New York - based Taktical has delivered award-winning work for a range of smaller brands, with niches ranging from custom jewelry to power tools. 

Though they put particular influence on their paid social achievements, their diverse expertise in landing page optimization and content marketing will also be a big help for brands who want to grow their organic brand equity.

An official Twitter partner, Taktical leverages a dedicated creative team and a focus on data-driven strategies to help you gain an advantage over the competition and drive more people from your Twitter feed towards a sale.

Unlike some other digital agencies, Taktical’s site also places a lot of emphasis on aligning their clients with trends on Twitter. This makes it a particularly good choice for brands whose strategy depends on sharing their takes on industry developments and being a part of rapid news cycles.

5. Volterra Digital

Boasting a Clutch Top Social Media Marketing company accolade, Volterra Digital is a full-service marketing agency able to take care of all aspects of social media marketing on Twitter and beyond.

With a social media portfolio spanning a range of B2B and B2C organizations, Volterra positions itself as a go-to marketing solution not only for businesses, but also trade associations and charities. This makes it a promising choice for businesses outside the typical commercial focus for marketing services, who want to know their marketing partner has the expertise to adjust their strategy to their business type.

Aside from strategic content planning, Volterra offers a distinct focus on community management, customer service, and lead generation through social media platforms including Twitter. This makes it a particularly promising Twitter marketing agency for brands aiming to grow already-established communities, but don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the fast pace of conversations on Twitter.

6. Jives Media

Jives Media was established in 2012, and quickly grew into a major name in various marketing channels, now operating from several offices across the US. 

Having won a number of accolades in the digital marketing space, including being listed as a top marketing agency by Forbes, Jives is a great Twitter marketing agency option for brands with ambitious goals who want to know their campaigns are in good hands.

The social media arm of Jives Media is focused on budget optimization, and delivering promotional activities with a narrow focus on your unique goals, whether that’s developing your brand through reach, increasing engagement for your content, generating clicks through to your site, or something else completely.

When it comes to Twitter marketing packages, Jives Media focuses on:

  • Promoted tweets.
  • Promoted accounts.
  • Promoted trends. 

If you want the confidence that comes from having a truly prestigious agency in your corner, and a results-driven strategy tailored to the nuances of your audience and goals, then Jives Media is definitely a Twitter marketing agency for your shortlist.

Finding Your Twitter Marketing Agency

Outsourcing your Twitter marketing strategy can instantly strengthen your brand equity and drive stronger results from your campaigns, helping you save time you can invest in other key areas of your business. If you’ve decided to outsource your Twitter marketing, we hope this list has helped you find a great marketing partner, and build a better understanding of what your brand needs to succeed.

While you search for your ideal marketing agency, why not sign up to Highperformr for free to bolster your in-house social media and explore some of our powerful AI Twitter tools?

Ajay Prem
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