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5 Effective Social Media Tools for Agencies in 2024

As a social media marketing agency, you’re faced with the challenge of standing out in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Aside from the expertise of your leadership, the past successes of your campaigns, and the steps you’re taking to innovate in the future, you’re going to have to make sure your marketing tech stack is robust enough to win more clients than your competitors and deliver campaigns that go above and beyond basic benchmarks for success.

Whether you’re in the process of launching your agency or you’ve been operating for a while, reviewing your relationship with tech periodically is crucial for keeping your agency development on the right track.

Here’s five effective social media tools for agencies to consider for your future campaigns.

1. Highperformr

Highperformr offers a varied suite of social media tools for agencies, perfect for both managing your own campaigns and achieving your clients’ goals. 

With accessible price plans including a free forever version and a number of innovative AI-powered capabilities, Highperformr ranks among the best social media tools for agencies who are forward-thinking and want to ensure a strong ROI from their tech investments.

Some of the best features include:

  • An efficient social media publishing platform allowing you to schedule posts in advance and optimize content using powerful AI tools.
  • Collaborative features that make it easy for your team to share, review, and approve content, keeping in constant contact so everyone assigned to a client account stays in the loop.
  • AI content creation tailored to several major social media platforms, helping to shorten the content creation cycle and beat writer’s block.
  • Social listening tools to keep track of the sentiment surrounding you, your clients, and the competition.
  • A dedicated employee advocacy platform that empowers your staff with the tools and resources they need to extend your brand equity on social media platforms.
  • Robust analytics features that show engagement trends, the best times to post, how social media is feeding into your sales pipeline, and AI-powered suggestions to make your campaigns even more effective.

With all these functionalities accessible through an intuitive interface, Highperformr’s social media marketing suite has countless applications for agencies who want a 360-degree view of their campaigns and enough innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Planable

As the name suggests, Planable’s design is all about collaboration, giving you an intuitive platform that makes it easy for you and your team to create, organize, and publish a range of social media content.

The highly customizable interface allows you to tailor the tool’s workflow to your internal practices, placing it among the best social media tools for agencies who have developed specific operating procedures and need software that’s flexible enough to reflect this.

Some of the key features Planable users can take advantage of include:

  • An intuitive post collaboration platform where your marketing team can pool their expertise and see their updates to draft content in a social feed mockup.
  • Bespoke approval processes to make sure content in draft is seen by all the necessary people before it goes live.
  • An integrated content editing toolbox helping you put the finishing touches on images and video before they go live.

While Planable also comes with high-quality analytics capabilities, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t have dedicated social listening features, which may be a drawback for some agencies. However, if you’re in the market for a fully customizable social marketing workflow that reflects your agency’s unique practices, this tool is certainly one for the shortlist.

3. CoSchedule

Another tool with a particular emphasis on strategy and collaboration, CoSchedule is designed to help you create smoother and better-organized social media content creation workflows, while automating away some of the more taxing manual tasks associated with long-range social media strategies.

Using its intuitive and collaborative content calendar view, CoSchedule users can make quick work of planning out the content for social media campaigns, scheduling automatic posting, and analyzing the performance of their content through a handy analytics dashboard.

Some of the platform’s best features include:

  • An easy-to-learn social marketing calendar allowing you to schedule content across a range of platforms, including LinkedIn, X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even your own blog.
  • Bulk scheduling and automation features enabling you to autofill your content calendar.
  • Collaborative views so you can easily share campaign updates with both team members and clients.

Some agencies might find CoSchedule’s analytics capabilities a little “thin on the ground”, as it doesn’t offer social listening or AI trend recognition. However, with its fantastic capacity for collaboration, this tool has masses of potential for remote teams or agencies who emphasize strong communication and collaboration with their clients.

4. SocialPilot

Boasting smooth interactions with several major social media sites, and integrations with popular content creation tools, SocialPilot ranks among the best social media tools for agencies who want a platform that will let them cover several bases with ease.

As a SocialPilot user, you’ll have access to various helpful features including:

  • White label analytics, so you can share branded audits and reports with your clients.
  • Dedicated client approval communication channels.
  • Easy bulk content scheduling so you can ensure long-range consistent posting.
  • A unified social inbox making it easy to keep track of brand mentions, comments, and DMs.

With all these features and a particular emphasis on agency-side users, SocialPilot easily stands out as one of the best social media tools for anyone who wants a platform that’s built for agencies.

5. Later

Later stands out for its focus on helping agencies to develop and schedule visual content, allowing you to make real-time changes to feed visualizations and get a precise idea of how your content is going to be viewed by the end target market.

With its intuitive content calendar view, managers and client contacts can easily browse through the images and videos that make up a campaign, creating a smooth, collaborative experience for everyone involved.

Some of Later’s main features include:

  • UGC allocations to help you separate your posts from your audience’s.
  • An integrated “link-in-bio” tool that helps direct audiences towards the next stage in your sales pipeline.
  • “Best time” analytics showing when your posts are likely to get the most engagement.
  • An in-feed mockup view so your marketing team gets a real sense of how content is going to appear to social media users.

While Later is compatible with several social media platforms, it’s worth noting that the visual focus is very pronounced, and it’s clear that the whole tool is intended for use on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, if your agency often works with brands where these kinds of channels are a priority, Later could be a great partner for your campaigns.

Making Strides with Social Media Tools for Agencies

Equipping your agency with the right tech can make all the difference to your campaigns’ success and overall client satisfaction. We hope this round-up of our favorite social media tools for agencies proves useful as you develop a martech stack that helps you and your clients realize their ambitions faster.

To discover a range of quality, AI-powered agency-side tools to leverage in your next campaign, sign up to Highperformr for free today!

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