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How to Use Twitter: The 2024 Beginner's Guide

Switching from one social media platform to another in the internet age can get overwhelming. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter) are among today's most popular social media platforms. It is not just people; brands and organizations must also make their presence felt on social media to reach a wider audience. While Facebook dominates social media marketing, about 44% of marketers use Twitter to promote their business. And if you are not on Twitter yet, it’s time to mark your beginning. 

Don’t know how? You’ve reached just the right page! 

Let us explore how to use Twitter, from making your account to acquiring Twitter terminology. This comprehensive guide will help you to start your Twitter journey. 

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free social networking service through a microblogging platform. Users who have a Twitter account can use the app via computer and mobile devices. Non-registered users can also view tweets but not interact with them. 

Twitter was launched in 2006 with the idea of a social network to share short and quick information. By 2012, the platform had more than 100 million users and today boasts over 500 million users

In October 2022, Elon Musk acquired the company and rebranded it to X in July 2023. Ever since, the platform has had numerous updates and features, as Musk wants to make it the ‘everything app.’

How Does Twitter Work?

Twitter is a microblogging platform that uses smaller posts with a character limit. Each post on Twitter is referred to as a ‘tweet’ and can contain up to 280 characters. Individuals can use the platform to share their thoughts, news, and updates; brands use it to promote their products/services and reach a wider consumer base. 

When a user tweets, it appears on the Twitter timeline. People who follow you can view and interact with your tweets. There are options to like, retweet, bookmark and reply to a tweet. Comments and replies ensure two-way communication between a user and their followers. 

Individuals can opt to keep their profile public or private. For brands, it is ideal to have a public profile so your current and potential customers can learn more about you and the upcoming updates. A Twitter survey found that interactions with Twitter customer care generate more favorable attitude towards brands. An official Twitter account allows customers to provide feedback and voice any concerns. 

How to Use Twitter?

For a new user, the question really is ‘how to use Twitter?’ Let’s dive in: 

Create a Twitter Account

Steps To Make a Twitter Account on Desktop

1. Go to 

2. You can select an email address or log in with your Facebook account.

3. Submit basic information like your name, phone number (optional) and a handle

4. A handle is how other users will find you on the platform. It appears as @yourhandle below your name.

5. Select a password for your account. Make it a strong combination of numerics, alphabets and symbols.

6. In the next window, Twitter will ask you to choose your interests to help you with suggestions of people to follow. You can skip this step. 

7. Your Twitter account has been created. You will need to set up additional details like profile picture, bio, information, location and so on to complete your profile.

Steps To Make a Twitter Account on Mobile Device

1. Download the Twitter application from the app store and install it.

2. Open the app; tap Sign Up for a New Account on the welcome screen. 

3. Enter your name and phone number/email address. You can use a phone number or an email address to sign up.

4. Twitter will send a verification code to your phone number or email address. Enter this code and verify your account.

5. Choose a strong password for your account.

6. Choose a username to help people address you on the platform.

7. Set up your profile by adding a profile photo and other details.

8. Configure additional settings, such as privacy and notifications as per your preferences.

9. After completing all the steps, your account will be set up, and you can start using Twitter.

Whether you make your account on the desktop or mobile app, check the Twitter guidelines and terms of service to understand the rules and best practices for using the platform.

For an extra layer of security and to minimize your digital footprint, follow the steps to fully log out of Twitter when you're not using it regularly.

Upload a Profile Picture

This will be your display picture for everyone. Brands can choose their logo as the profile picture to provide more authenticity. Besides a profile picture, Twitter has a banner image similar to a FB cover picture. You can add supplementary information about the account via this image. It can convey what the company is all about. 

Getting the image dimensions right can be tricky. But there are AI tools that can help you with resizing the picture to Twitter’s ideal dimensions. Check out Highperformr’s AI X (Twitter) Photo Resizer, which allows you to resize any image per the platform’s recommended sizes. 

Write A Bio

Twitter bio refers to a small description that appears below your profile picture. It is the first thing people will note when visiting your profile. So keep it interesting and to the point.
If you cannot develop a bio, you can seek assistance from X (Twitter) bio generator, a free AI tool by Highperformr, to craft interesting bios. 

Add Your Website

Companies or service providers who want to make their presence felt by a larger audience should add their website links in the ‘website’ section. A website also adds a layer of legitimacy to your profile. When you start tweeting or making an impression, users may visit your website and check for more details. 

Follow Relevant Accounts 

Once you have completed setting up your profile, start following other users. Do not go following at random, but look for industry experts, marketers, influencers and your competitors. Twitter can also help in finding users who share your interests.  

Start Tweeting and Interacting 

Silent presence and lurking on Twitter won’t help. Start tweeting and posting relevant content. Your tweets can have visual elements like photos, GIFs, and videos to make them more appealing. If you have a new launch coming up, create excitement around it and make the announcements via your account. Twitter states that brands that include the platform in their launch plans are 2.3X more likely to meet their KPIs.

Along with tweeting, you must also initiate and interact with other users. Replies and quote tweets can gain attention. 

Maintain A Twitter Schedule 

If you are new to Twitter, consistency is important. You will need to experiment in the initial days to determine what time is ideal to gain more traction from users. Prepare a social content calendar and schedule your tweets. Keep a tab on Twitter trends and make relatable content to tweet on festivals, special occasions, etc.  

All this can seem overwhelming initially, but if you use social media management software, your entire Twitter scheduling can be handled with just a few clicks. Highperformr is an excellent software with various AI automation tools specifically catering to Twitter content. It will help you to make a content calendar and take care of the posting, too. You can check out all the free Twitter tools here. 

Make The Best Use of Twitter Tools and Features 

To use Twitter best, you must be aware of all its exciting features. Twitter goes beyond just tweeting. Users can create polls, join communities, host live audio conversations, and even run ads to promote your products. In addition to these tools, you can also find a variety of Twitter Chrome add-ons that can assist you with tasks such as content scheduling, ad blocking, thread readers, and much more.

Understanding Twitter Terminology

  1. Handle: Also called the username, it is how you identify yourself on Twitter. A user’s handle precedes the @ symbol below the profile name. 
  1. Hashtag: Any word/phrase written with a hash (#) sign is called a hashtag. It is used to highlight a certain topic. For example: any newsworthy content can be shared as #news #updates #latestnews, etc. 
    Hashtags make it useful to search for related things or classify content into categories. The trending topics on Twitter are also noted with hashtags.  
  2. Mention: When you want to address someone, it is called mention. You can mention a user by their username with the @ sign.
    Mentions are useful if you run contests and want participants to tag your profile. It can improve your visibility among other followers. 
  3. Retweet or RT: Sharing a tweet on the platform is called retweeting. Users who resonate with your content can click the retweet button and share it on their timeline.
  4. Quote Tweet: A quote tweet is an extension of a retweet, but users can add their opinions to a tweet. It could be an emoji or a statement concerning the tweet being shared. A quoted tweet appears on the timeline as your own tweet. 
  5. Threads: Twitter threads are a series of connected tweets from one account. These threads help to give additional context or discuss an extended point by connecting multiple posts together.
    If you don’t know how to make a Twitter thread, you can check out the AI X (Twitter) Thread Generator tool by Highperformr. The tool will help you craft creative thread tweets that resonate with your audience. 
  6. Lists: Twitter allows you to curate a group of certain accounts and make a list. You can either create a list or join an existing one. On viewing a Twitter List timeline, you will only see the tweets curated from the selected accounts in that list. 

Tips For Using Twitter

Choose a Brand Voice 

Developing your unique voice and tone on social platforms is important for any brand. You can choose to be direct, humorous or professional, depending on how you want to approach newer audiences. 

When in the service industry, being rude and inconsiderate to one user can also affect your impression of several others. Certain type of content can be viewed as offensive, so choose your tone carefully while tweeting. Learn more about viewing and turning off sensitive content on Twitter.

Actively Engage With Your Audience 

As a responsible brand, keep engaging with your audience. If users have raised concerns or replied to your tweets, you should acknowledge them. Reply to the doubts with a definite answer. You can also engage by liking, commenting, and retweeting others’ content that aligns with your industry.  

Keep a tab on Twitter trends to be a part of active conversations that other users are engaged in. Also, hold discussions or little contests to encourage your followers to participate. 

Make Use of Visual Elements 

Your tweets need not always have plain text. Make use of images and videos to support your statements. Use colorful images or short clips to explain your point further. Brands can share new product packaging photos or small ads of their products on Twitter to keep their followers engaged on their profiles. 

If you ever want to download a video from Twitter but cannot save it directly, check out the AI powered tool Twitter Video Downloader. By just entering the URL, you can download a high-quality video without losing out on the quality. 

Study The Analytics

It is crucial to know if your Twitter presence is working. Twitter Analytics is a great way to analyze everything you post on the platform. Over time, you can check your followers' growth, when they are most active, and what content works best for them. 

To cultivate an engaged and authentic audience, consider removing followers on Twitter that are either inactive or irrelevant to your brand's target audience.

To get more detailed analytics, you can rely on software like Highperformr. When you prepare and schedule your content via the software, you can get additional analytics on your performance. 

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