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11 Best Twitter Chrome Extensions to Grow Your Followers

Twitter (X) is one of the most important and influential social media apps in the world. Given the right strategy for building an audience, it can be a game-changer for your personal brand and business.

Obtaining more Twitter followers involves posting engaging content, building a community, maintaining consistency, and understanding the algorithm. It seems like a hefty task, but Twitter Chrome Extensions make it feasible.

If you're serious about growing your Twitter followers in 2024 and beyond, consider our recommended growth partners to increase your followers and leverage them effectively.

What are Twitter Chrome Extensions?

Twitter Chrome Extensions are auxiliary apps and platforms that offer added functionality and enhance user experience on the website.

Despite Twitter's multitude of features, it lacks certain growth levers that help you expand your follower count. From organizing Twitter bookmarks to scheduling content, enabling auto like/auto retweets, and more, these extensions fill the functionality gaps, making the social media experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Why Use Twitter Chrome Extensions?

First comes the followers, then the fans, and then the personal brand. If you're an avid or occasional Twitter user, you know Twitter functionality is very limited. Your account needs more engagement to grow further.

This is what Twitter extensions facilitate: a seamless growth experience to ensure you are on top of your mentions, posting schedules, community engagement, trending topics, etc.

11 Best Twitter Extensions to Grow Your Followers

Growing your follower count on Twitter requires a serious commitment, consistent posting, quality content, and our incredible list of Twitter extensions. Let's jump right in!

1. Tweetdeck

Multiple decks, seamless scheduling, and so much more — Tweetdeck is a full-stack Twitter management and scheduling tool that helps you grow your account. The extension and overall delivery leave very little to be desired. Where Tweetdeck lacks in AI, it makes up for it by providing seamless functions. 

Since its inception, Tweetdeck has been free to use, but it now charges $84/year. A free alternative is Twitter's own scheduler, which has limited features but works reasonably well.

2. Minimal Theme for Twitter

Twitter has tons of uses, but it is a social media platform with many distractions — whether tying yourself down to the engagement game or competing for likes. To be serious about your growth, you can use the many features of Minimal Theme to hide promoted posts, conceal distracting trends and news, etc., all with simple and instantly reversible changes.

Customize your Twitter experience on the go and control the navigation UI. Having a decluttered timeline allows you to process information more efficiently. Minimal Theme works as a visual enhancer that ultimately improves your experience.

3. PixieBrix

Imagine writing your tweets with ChatGPT without switching tabs and sending excessive prompts. That's what you get with PixieBrix, an AI-powered Twitter Chrome Extension that works at your command and can be modeled with your tone of voice and other avatars of choice.

Having a consistent Twitter presence is integral to building on your followers, and PixieBrix helps you with this. Other features include instant mute, Slack integration, and an endless idea generator for tweets and threads.

4. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey lets you organize your bookmarks. The bookmark function is an exceptional feature on Twitter that allows you to save things in a sea of posts, so you can come back to them at your discretion, anytime you want. 

Growing followers means interacting with people, sending the right DMs, and understanding which posts to comment on and quote at the right time. The most efficient way to do this is by bookmarking tweets and checking them out at Dewey.

5. Hide Twitter Ads

Regarding distractions, nothing turns the Twitter scroll into an unsavory experience more than irrelevant ads that disrupt your flow. To counter them, you need a capable Twitter Ad Blocker.

Whether it's the annoyance of seeing the same ad repeatedly or getting bombarded with product ads from your search history, an ad blocker is an essential addition to your Twitter extension stack. 

You can get rid of these interruptions with the handy and completely free Hide Twitter Ads Chrome extension.

6. Share on Twitter

Building a presence on Twitter requires a constant influx of content and sharing the impressive things you come across on a daily basis. Share on Twitter enables you to share stuff directly on Twitter with a single click.

Instead of copying, pasting, and formatting content, you can just select the text, click right, and then select the "Share selection on Twitter" option to get your message across. Extensions like Share on Twitter not only save time but also make your Twitter experience worthwhile.

7. TextCortex

TextCortex is a Chrome add-on that services 25+ languages and has integrations of over 2000 web domains including Twitter. Along with a range of attractive features, TextCortex creates endless Twitter posts for you to customize, edit, and send out around the clock.

Since consistency is one of the biggest hurdles of building a followership, TextCortex helps maintain a steady pipeline of content that is attractive to your building audience. You can modify your tone of voice for various hours of the day, translate in bulk, and transform ideas into threads and newsletter articles.

8. Image Downloader

Do you know you can build a formidable Twitter media library that you can pull out at a moment's notice? Thanks to Image Downloader, you can save the entire page's worth of media with a single click, from funny memes to multi-tweet screenshots. 

Image Downloader detects all the media on the present page and allows you to save the relevant files by selecting from the right side of your Chrome tab.

9. Easy Auto Refresh

Twitter's timeline is at the default of being crowded at all times. More than 6,000 tweets are posted every second on Twitter. It often leads to accounts missing on tweets that were relevant to them.

The Easy Auto Refresh extension refreshes websites automatically after any number of seconds you set.

You can control the duration between refreshes; it often differs by seconds but can make a massive difference in the quality of your experience. This leads to an organized timeline, with all the recent tweets arranged as the algorithm fetches them.

10. Twitter Thread Reader

Threads and long-form content are all the rage on Twitter right now, and for good reason. With the dissemination of substantive blogs, most people resort to social media to read editorials from the people of their choice.

However, reading a thread on Twitter is often not ideal, and scrolling each tweet can be a tedious experience. Thread Reader can help you escape this by delivering threads from your favorite accounts as long-form essays. 

Thread Reader unrolls with a single click and is the best way to read long-form content on the app.

11. Bot Sentinel

Lately, Twitter has been filled with bots, which deter user experience. Having a Twitter bot Chrome extension comes in handy here, as it lets you in on the reputation of all accounts on the platform.

Bot Sentinel rates accounts on the level of shady activities they've engaged in. The extension also alerts false claims and disinformation by striking out factually false tweets.

What is

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