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How to Get Verified on X (Twitter)


If you're looking to get verified on Twitter, you've come to the right place. Verification on Twitter is a way to confirm the authenticity of accounts, and it's a highly sought-after status symbol. Having a blue checkmark next to your username can help you gain credibility, increase your visibility, and protect your brand from impersonators. Whether you're a public figure, brand, or influencer, follow these steps to elevate your Twitter game.

History of X (Twitter) Verification

Twitter introduced the verification program in 2009 to help users distinguish between authentic accounts and fake accounts. Initially, the blue checkmark was only given to accounts of public figures, celebrities, and brands. However, over the years, the verification program expanded to include other accounts that were active, notable, and authentic.

In 2023, Twitter discontinued its legacy verification program and introduced a new verification process. Under the new process, accounts that were verified under the previous criteria will not retain the blue checkmark unless they are subscribed to Twitter Blue.

X (Twitter) Premium eligibility criteria

To get verified on Twitter, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Here are the five subsections that explain the requirements in detail:

1. You must be subscribed to X (Twitter) Premium

To become eligible for verification, you must have a subscription to Twitter Blue, which is Twitter's premium subscription service. The subscription starts at $8 per month, and it gives you access to exclusive features such as ad-free browsing, custom app icons, and more.

2. Your profile must be complete with all the details

Your Twitter profile must have a display name and profile photo. The display name should be your real name or the name of your brand. The profile photo should be a clear and recognizable image of yourself or your brand's logo. Make sure that your profile photo is not deceptive or misleading.

3. Your account should be active

Your Twitter account must be active, which means that you must have tweeted or retweeted at least once in the past 30 days. This requirement ensures that your account is not dormant and that you are an active user of the platform.

4. Your account should be older than 90 days

To be eligible for verification, your Twitter account should be at least 90 days old. This requirement ensures that your account is not a fake or spam account. Additionally, you must have a confirmed phone number associated with your account.

5. Your account should be non-deceptive

Your Twitter account must not be deceptive or misleading in any way. This means that your profile photo, display name, and username (@handle) must not have any recent changes. If you have changed any of these details recently, you may not be eligible for verification.

By meeting these eligibility criteria, you can increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter. Keep in mind that verification is not guaranteed, and Twitter reserves the right to deny verification to any account that does not meet its guidelines.

Types of X (Twitter) verification

If you're looking to get verified on Twitter, it's important to understand the different types of verification available. Twitter offers three types of verification: Blue Check, Gold Check, and Gray Check. Each type of verification has its own unique benefits and eligibility criteria.

1. Blue check on Twitter

Previously, the blue badge on Twitter was a symbol of public interest, indicating that an account was authentic. However, Twitter has moved away from these old criteria. Now, the blue checkmark signifies that an account has subscribed to Twitter Blue. As soon as you become a Twitter Blue subscriber, you gain immediate access to all its features.

Nonetheless, your blue checkmark will only be visible after Twitter has reviewed your account and confirmed that it fulfils all the eligibility requirements.

2. Gold check on Twitter

The Gold Check is a newer type of Twitter verification that is designed for businesses and organizations. It's a symbol of trust and authenticity and is typically awarded to companies that have a strong online presence and a positive reputation.

3. Gray check on Twitter

The Gray Check is a type of Twitter verification that is designed for government agencies and officials. It's a symbol of legitimacy and authority and is typically awarded to politicians, government agencies, and other public officials. 

Steps to get verified on Twitter:

Getting verified on Twitter is a great way to establish credibility and gain more followers. Here are 3 easy steps to get verified on Twitter:

1. Sign up for X (Twitter) Premium

To get verified on Twitter, you need to be actively subscribed to Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers exclusive features such as undoing tweets and bookmark collections. To sign up for Twitter Blue, simply click on the button for Twitter Blue once you're logged in.

2. Make your payment

Once you click on the Twitter Blue button, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. You have the option to choose between an annual payment plan, which amounts to $7 per month (offering a discount), or a monthly subscription at $8 per month if you prefer to pay on a monthly basis.

3. Give it some time

After you sign up for Twitter Blue, you need to wait for Twitter to review your account and determine if you are eligible for verification. This process can take some time, so be patient. Before you sign up for Twitter Blue, make sure to verify your phone number. This is important because Twitter uses your phone number to verify your identity and prevent spam accounts.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter and establish yourself as a credible and influential user.


In conclusion, getting verified on Twitter is an important step in building your credibility on the platform. The blue checkmark is a symbol of authenticity and notable status, and it can help you gain more followers and engagement. To be eligible for verification, you need to meet the requirements outlined by Twitter and submit an application. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting verified and building your brand on Twitter.

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