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How to Log Out of Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide

X (Twitter) is a worldwide hub for breaking news, lively discussions, and personal interactions. Its real-time nature and concise content format have made it incredibly popular across diverse demographics. Despite this ease of access and the prevalence of an always-on digital culture, many users seldom consider the necessity of logging out. This oversight can be a security risk, especially on shared or public devices. Understanding when and how to log out of Twitter is a matter of convenience and safeguarding your digital footprint.

If you are new to Twitter and not familiar with logging out steps via your mobile or browser, we give you a detailed guide. 

Is it Necessary to Log Out of Twitter at All Times?

You don't need to log out when you use a social media platform almost regularly because the app is opened multiple times daily. 2020 estimates show that 52% of Twitter users in the US check the app daily. 

Whether you should log out of Twitter depends on the device used. Logging out on shared or public devices is crucial for protecting your privacy and preventing unauthorized access to your personal data and conversations. 

However, on personal devices, staying logged in is often more convenient and poses a lesser security risk, provided that you have robust security measures installed on your phone. 

How to Force Log Out of All Twitter Instances on a PC?

Force logout is when you want to log out from your Twitter account from every device you have previously signed up from. Follow the steps below: 

On a Web Browser:

1. Go to Twitter’s website and log in if needed.

2. Go to the ‘More’ option above the tweet button in the left panel. 

3. Select “Settings and privacy” from the dropdown menu.

4. In the next window, select ‘Security and account access’ and click on ‘Apps and sessions.’

5. From the options displayed, select ‘Sessions’. 

6. You'll see all devices where your Twitter account is logged in. Click ‘Log out all other sessions’ to log out from all devices except the one you are currently using.

You will be logged out of all the Twitter sign-ins. 

How to Force Log Out of All Twitter Instances on a Mobile Device?

On the Twitter App:

1. Go to the Twitter app and tap your profile icon.

2. Select ‘Settings and Support’ and then ‘Settings and Privacy’.

3. You will find the ‘Security and Account Access’ section. Select it.

4. On the next screen select ‘Apps and sessions’.

5. It will display all the devices where you last logged in. Select ‘Log out’ option. 

On Mobile Web Browser:

1. Open your browser and go to Twitter’s website.

2. If you have not logged in from a browser before, you must first log in to your Twitter account. 

3. Repeat the same steps as for the app. Access “Settings and privacy” and then “Apps and sessions” to log out from all devices.

How to Log Out of Twitter on Mobile? 

A lot of users access Twitter via their mobile app. The Twitter logout button has been changed in the newer interfaces of the app. If you cannot find the logout option, don’t worry; here’s a simple guide: 

  1. Open the Twitter app on your devices and go to the quick navigation menu. Tap on the circle with your profile picture and you will see this menu.
  2. From here select ‘Settings & Support’ and then go to ‘Settings and Privacy’. 
  3. Open ‘Your Account’ page. 
  1. From these options, select ‘Account Information’.
  2. This page displays your username, phone number, email and location. 
  3. The log out button is on this page. Select it, and a pop-up appears. Select ‘Log Out’ in the pop-up.

Logging out of Twitter is the same for Android devices and iPhones. 

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