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The Complete Guide To Using LinkedIn Hashtags in 2024

Do you log into LinkedIn, scroll through your feed, and feel a hint of envy when you see others nailing their content with perfectly chosen hashtags?

Do you find yourself adding a sprinkle of hashtags to your posts, hoping for the same engagement you see others effortlessly attract? If so, you're not alone. 

This blog is designed for business professionals just like you who want to master the art of using LinkedIn hashtags.

What Are LinkedIn Hashtags?

LinkedIn hashtags are keywords or phrases prefixed with the '#' symbol. They serve as a digital labeling tool that organizes content and makes it easily discoverable on the platform. Similar to hashtags on other social networks, LinkedIn hashtags help users find content on specific topics, join conversations, and engage with communities of interest.

Why Should You Use Hashtags on LinkedIn?

When you add hashtags to your posts or articles, you essentially categorize your content, allowing it to appear in the feed of those following or searching for that particular hashtag. This feature enhances your posts' visibility and connects you with like-minded professionals, amplifying your reach and influence on LinkedIn.

Using hashtags on LinkedIn significantly increases the visibility of your content beyond your immediate network, tapping into larger audiences and fostering greater engagement. They function as clickable links that help users discover posts about topics they're interested in. When you add appropriate hashtags to your posts, your content becomes part of a broader, topic-specific conversation. Users who follow or search for those hashtags can more readily find your posts.

Even when you're not following many others and your feed has less content to display, LinkedIn steps in to ensure you're not missing out. It populates its feed with trending posts and content from pertinent hashtags it thinks you might be interested in.

This extends the reach of your content even to those who aren't directly connected to you, enhancing opportunities for visibility and connection. Some LinkedIn gurus might downplay the importance of these metadata tags, but it's undeniable that hashtags provide your content with a broader platform, especially for users seeking more engagement with their interests on LinkedIn.

How To Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

Using hashtags on LinkedIn efficiently can elevate your content strategy and extend your reach on the platform. Here's how you can expertly incorporate hashtags into your LinkedIn activities, from creating to using them on your posts.

A. How To Create a Hashtag on LinkedIn

Creating your unique hashtag on LinkedIn is a clever way to generate buzz around your personal brand, a particular campaign, or an event you're promoting. Below is a specialized framework customized for crafting and establishing your distinct hashtag.

  1. Brainstorm Your Hashtag: Start by brainstorming a list of potential hashtags that resonate with your brand or campaign's message. Aim for clarity, memorability, and relevance. Avoid overly generic terms and strive for something that stands out.
  2. Check Uniqueness: Before settling on a hashtag, search for it on LinkedIn. Your objective is to select one that isn't already widely used to avoid competition and confusion with other content.
  3. Craft Your Content: Write your LinkedIn post with your target audience in mind. Whether it's an article, an update, a job promotion, or just a conversational topic, make sure it's engaging and offers value. 
  4. Embed Your Hashtag: Seamlessly integrate your hashtag into your post. You can incorporate it into the body of your text or append it at the end. Place it where it feels most natural and where it can be easily noticed.
  5. Announce and Educate: When debuting a new hashtag, consider creating an entire post explaining its purpose. Educate your audiences about why and how they should use it. This will help set the context and encourage adoption.
  6. Promote Consistently: Use the hashtag consistently across your posts and encourage your network to use it when sharing related content. Consistency helps in building momentum and recognition for your hashtag.
  7. Monitor Engagement: Keep an eye on the conversations and exchanges your hashtag is garnering. Reply to comments, engage with users who use your hashtag, and analyze its performance to understand its impact.

Remember, the success of a hashtag campaign on LinkedIn depends not only on the hashtag but also on the quality and consistency of the associated content. If used effectively, your hashtag can become a rallying point for discussions and a bookmark for your audience's interests.

B. How To Find and Follow New Hashtags on LinkedIn

Embark on this effortless journey that starts with a simple LinkedIn search, instilling a sense of ease and comfort in you. 

  • Use the Search Bar: In LinkedIn's search bar, type in "#" followed by a keyword to find relevant hashtags.
  • Explore Suggestions: Examine LinkedIn's suggested hashtags based on your profile and interests.
  • Review Hashtag Pages: Each hashtag has its own page showing related content. Visit these pages to see if the hashtag aligns with your interests.
  • Follow Hashtags: Click the "Follow" button at the top of a hashtag page to take control of the content you see in your feed, empowering you to curate your LinkedIn experience.

C. How To Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Business Page

This process is similar to adding hashtags to posts. 

  • Access Your Business Page: Navigate to your LinkedIn business page.
  • Create a Post: Start crafting a new post.
  • Incorporate Hashtags: Add relevant hashtags within the text or at the end of the post.
  • Update Your Page Description: You can also include hashtags in your business page description to increase discoverability.

D. How To Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Posts

  • Compose Your Post: Click "Start a post" and write your content.
  • Add Hashtags: Type "#" followed by the relevant keyword or phrase.
  • Post Suggestions: LinkedIn may suggest hashtags as you type; add these if relevant.
  • Post Content: Click  "Post" to share with your network.

E. How To Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Articles

To add hashtags to your article, follow these steps:

  • Start Writing: From the LinkedIn homepage, click "Write an article."
  • Complete Your Article: After finishing your article, incorporate relevant hashtags within the body or at the end.
  • Publish: When you publish your article, these hashtags will help categorize and enhance discoverability.

F. How To Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Comments

  • Find a Post to Comment: Scroll through your feed or visit a profile to find a post you want to comment on.
  • Write a Comment: Type your response or thoughts.
  • Include a Hashtag: Just like in posts, you can integrate a hashtag by typing "#" followed by a keyword or phrase applicable to your comment.
  • Post Your Comment: Click the "Comment" button to post it publicly.

LinkedIn's Top 20 Hashtags for 2024

Though many hashtags can be used effectively on LinkedIn, the top 20 hashtags for 2024 are as follows:

  1. #India – 67.6 million
  2. #Innovation – 38.8 million
  3. #Management – 36 million
  4. #HumanResources – 33.2 million
  5. #DigitalMarketing – 27.4 million
  6. #Technology – 26.4 million
  7. #Creativity – 25.2 million
  8. #Future – 24.6 million
  9. #Futurism – 23.5 million
  10. #Entrepreneurship – 22.7 million
  11. #Careers – 22.5 million
  12. #Markets – 22.2 million
  13. #Startups – 21.2 million
  14. #Marketing – 20.3 million
  15. #SocialMedia – 19.7 million
  16. #VentureCapital – 19.3 million
  17. #SocialNetworking – 19 million
  18. #LeanStartups – 19 million
  19. #Economy – 18.7 million
  20. #Economics – 18 million

Based on follower count, these hashtags are pertinent across various industries and subjects on LinkedIn, from geographical locations like #India, which signify content related to the Indian market or professional community, to broad concepts like #Innovation and #Creativity and more specialized fields such as #HumanResources and #DigitalMarketing.

When using these hashtags, LinkedIn professionals and businesses can tap into larger audiences interested in these topics. Incorporating these hashtags in your LinkedIn strategy can help you reach a broader and more active audience, potentially increasing the visibility of your content significantly. However, it's also critical to ensure that the hashtags you use are genuinely relevant to the content of your posts to keep the engagement meaningful and targeted.

Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Hashtags

Using hashtags effectively on LinkedIn can significantly enhance the visibility and reach of your content, allowing you to engage more deeply with your target audience and participate in broader conversations. Here are some best practices for using LinkedIn hashtags:

1. Be Relevant

Always choose hashtags suitable for your post's content. Irrelevant hashtags can confound your audience and dilute the message. The hashtags you use directly must relate to the topics, industries, or themes you're discussing.

2. Research Hashtags

Before using a hashtag, research to ensure it fits your post and audience. Look at the type of content associated with the hashtag and its follower count. This will help you understand if it's active and relevant. A LinkedIn AI Profile Generator can assist you in creating unique LinkedIn headlines with targeted hashtags.

3. Balance Broad and Niche Hashtags

Utilize a mix of broad and niche hashtags. Broad hashtags, like #Innovation or #DigitalMarketing, have a large audience but high competition. Niche hashtags, such as #SaaSMarketing or #EcoFriendlyPackaging, target a more specific audience and can help you stand out.

4. Limit Your Hashtags

LinkedIn advises using no more than three hashtags per post. More than three can appear spammy and decrease the effectiveness of your content. Choose your hashtags wisely to maximize impact.

5. Create Branded Hashtags

For businesses and influencers, creating unique branded hashtags can be a powerful tool for building a community and increasing brand visibility. Use these hashtags consistently and encourage your audience to do the same when sharing related content.

6. Avoid Overused Hashtags

While using viral hashtags is tempting, your content can easily get lost in a sea of posts. Try to balance well-followed hashtags and those less saturated to give your content a chance to shine.

7. Incorporate Hashtags Naturally

Your post should read naturally, even with hashtags included. Ensure that they are integrated smoothly and make sense in the context of your content.


Mastering the use of LinkedIn hashtags in 2024 is not just about amplifying the reach of your content but about strategically connecting with your audience and participating in relevant conversations that matter.

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