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Top 6 LinkedIn Marketing Agencies

As the world’s biggest online community for B2B networking, it’s not hard to see the amount of potential LinkedIn has for getting your brand seen and driving new leads into your pipeline. 

However, with so many other areas of business development vying for your attention, running a successful marketing campaign can be very challenging for even the most dedicated entrepreneurs.

If you want to make your LinkedIn profile start working for you, but you’re lacking the bandwidth to do so, then hiring a reputable LinkedIn marketing agency could be the answer.

Here’s a round-up of our six favorite LinkedIn marketing agencies to consider for your next campaign.

1. B2Linked

B2Linked is a LinkedIn-only agency that’s perfect for brands who want to restrict their outsourced marketing exclusively to LinkedIn, and have the assurance that their campaigns are in the hands of true specialists.

Boasting “extensive experience managing the largest spenders on LinkedIn”, B2Linked’s business-to-business focus promises both simplicity and results, with full account management packages that offer:

  • Bespoke strategies suitable for budgets of any size.
  • Highly granular reporting, including segmentation by ad element.
  • Strategies that put your pipeline at the center, and cover the customer journey from your first contact on LinkedIn all the way to the sale.

If you’re looking for one-track outsourced marketing where all your investment will be channeled into generating sales through LinkedIn, B2Linked is definitely a good option to consider.

2. mvpGrow

mvpGrow is a B2B digital marketing agency specializing in startups and focused on rapid growth through a range of mediums, including LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Facebook campaigns.

Though mvpGrow’s lead generation is tailored to the needs of the startup and their goals, all their work is directed by a few guiding principles, including:

  • Reducing clients’ cost of acquisition.
  • Helping businesses to develop their marketing tech infrastructure.
  • Creating content that’s designed to generate conversions.
  • Developing an engaged community of advocates.

If you’re a startup whose campaigns could benefit from some or all of these practices, and want to partner with a LinkedIn marketing agency who understands the stage you’re at in your business journey, then mvpGrow could be the perfect partner for you.

3. Viral Nation

The first thing you’ll notice about Viral Nation is its impressive portfolio of work for international brands, including Uber, Activision/Blizzard, and Chelsea Football Club. 

As the name suggests, Viral Nation is a social-first agency offering a variety of services that can help turn your LinkedIn presence from just another touchpoint into a major asset, helping to drive success defined by your unique goals.

Some of the social marketing services Viral Nation offers include:

  • Community management, helping you cultivate valuable relationships through LinkedIn and ensure that the conversations around your brand reflect it in a positive light.
  • Influencer marketing, allowing you to extend your brand awareness by leveraging networks of active thought leaders and other popular profiles.
  • Social-experiential marketing that bridges the gap between LinkedIn and real-world touchpoints, helping to develop a more three-dimensional identity for your brand.

While the scale and ambition of Viral Nation’s marketing campaigns might not be for everyone, if you’ve got big ideas for your brand and want to know they’re in capable hands, this agency is certainly one for the shortlist.

4. Cleverly

Another LinkedIn-only service, Cleverly prides itself on delivering outsourced marketing services informed by a rich database of thousands of previously-completed campaigns. Drawing on their findings from this knowledge base, the agency devises strategies and executes methodical decision-making that’s most likely to help you achieve your goals.

Some of the services you can leverage by partnering with Cleverly include:

  • LinkedIn lead generation.
  • LinkedIn content strategy and creation.
  • LinkedIn advertising.

Aside from their core marketing services, Cleverly also offers support for recruiting on LinkedIn, making it a great agency for businesses that are going through a period of rapid growth and want to make sure they’re getting the best talent for their needs.

If you’re looking for a data-oriented LinkedIn marketing agency who’s able to tackle all aspects of your branding, lead gen, and paid marketing, then Cleverly could be your perfect partner.

5. Instantly Relevant

Ranked as one of the top LinkedIn influencer marketing services by Clutch in 2023, Instantly Relevant offers comprehensive LinkedIn marketing solutions with a particular emphasis on developing your personal brand and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Made for business leaders who want to turn their personal expertise into a route towards more leads, Instantly Relevant’s marketing packages are divided into three main phases:

  • Core, which focuses on developing a “persona of one” personal brand to serve as a foundation for your campaigns, and developing a content strategy made to appeal to your target audience.
  • Connect, where the agency will leverage your profile’s foundation to engage with relevant accounts and communities.
  • Convert, where you actively push the solution inherent in your product or service, generate referrals, and bring the people in your orbit on LinkedIn deeper into your pipeline.

Social marketing campaigns that use one personal profile as their core asset aren’t for everyone. However, if you feel your personal branding has the potential to supercharge your goals, then Instantly Relevant is certainly one LinkedIn marketing agency you should consider checking out.

6. Joseph Studios

A marketing intelligence firm out of Atlanta, Joseph studios has earned a range of accolades for its forward-thinking digital marketing services that place a strong emphasis on developing relationships. 

In Joseph Studio's own words, they “love working with companies that appreciate connecting with their customers in ways that bring genuine engagement”, distinguishing it as a great LinkedIn marketing agency for brands who are focused on community building.

Based on the details from this agency’s case studies, their approach to LinkedIn marketing puts the client’s needs and preferences at the center of their strategy, taking time to understand their challenges and the KPIs they’re looking to improve, then meeting those needs through outsourced campaign management, consultancy, and advice. 

This has led to a diverse trophy case of completed projects, for brands ranging from large global manufacturers to tech start-ups to B2B service businesses.

If you’re looking to build a community on LinkedIn with tangible long-term value, and you place a lot of stock in using bespoke service providers with smooth workflow and communication, then Joseph Studios could be your ideal marketing partner for your upcoming campaigns.

Meet Your LinkedIn Marketing Agency

If you’re looking to give your LinkedIn marketing efforts a jolt and increase traction in your sales pipeline, we hope this round-up has helped you find a marketing partner who understands your aims and proves to be an asset for your campaign.

For more support with your in-house social media efforts, sign up to Highperformr for free to elevate your LinkedIn presence, discover detailed, robust analytics and drive business growth from LinkedIn. 

Yashaswi Murthy
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