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5 Best Tools for Social Media Managers

Social media managers have to spin a lot of plates in the modern marketing landscape. 

From scheduling effective content calendars and coming up with fresh post ideas to keeping track of how well campaigns are feeding into your KPIs, the demands on this role are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

If you want to grow a strong rapport with your target market and keep your campaign performance in-line with your competitors, you need to ensure you’re equipped with tools that will help you streamline tasks, give you good visibility of your engagements, and highlight where your campaigns should go next.

In this post, we’ll go over five of the best tools for social media managers to help you optimize your campaigns.

1. Highperformr

Highperformr is a diverse and intuitive AI-powered platform that covers several different facets of a social media manager’ job. From scheduling, creating, and publishing your brand’s content to analyzing your achievements, Highperformr is built to see any brand through a range of different eventualities and maximize campaign ROIs.

Some of the great tools you can access through Highperformr include:

  • A collaborative scheduling and publishing tool where you can write, approve, and queue up social media content across all the platforms where your brand is competing for visibility.
  • A collaboration platform that helps you to break up silos and customize workspaces with unlimited users for different tasks and projects.
  • A range of AI and automation features, purpose-built for common social media tasks such as generating post ideas and content, automating reposts and delayed Twitter threads, and highlighting trends in your analytics.
  • An employee advocacy platform that gives you a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of which team members are posting to which platforms, and features to automate bulk posting, give one-click approvals, and repurpose post content for different teams. Like other features, this part of the Highperformr platform is supported by our generative AI tools, allowing you to enter cues for writing style and tone and making it easier for employees to come up with content aligning with your goals.
  • A robust analytics suite showing you content performance across all platforms, trending topics, and how your brand has performed over time.
  • A social selling tool that allows you to build a sales pipeline straight from your social platforms to your product.

With this diverse spread of functions, Highpeformr covers several essential tools for social media managers contained in one intuitive platform. Try it for free today!

2. Canva

Built to democratize visual assets, Canva is a graphic design and video creation tool that leverages the power of AI to make asset creation much easier. 

With platform-specific templates for Instagram stories and reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube thumbnails, the platform gives you a strong starting point and a user-friendly interface you can use to create professional-grade social media content for all your campaigns. 

It also offers a range of more free-form design templates you can leverage to create content for your landing pages, LinkedIn banners, and just about any other kind of visual content you might need.

Because it’s highly accessible, some users have found it difficult to create Canva graphics that are suitably unique and avoid looking like other brands’ content. 

However, if you don’t have a graphic designer at this stage in your business development, or your designer is swamped and you need to keep up with a demanding schedule, Canva is a perfect solution to help along your visual assets for social media.

3. BuzzSumo

If you’re in charge of creating your brand’s content calendar, and you often find it hard to come up with fresh ideas, then BuzzSumo is definitely one to consider for your social media tech stack.

As the name suggests, BuzzSumo is centered around finding topics that are generating a buzz, making it one of the best tools for social media managers whose niche revolves around short news cycles.

The Content Ideas Generator allows you to see the velocity of both new viral trends and long-standing evergreen ideas, combined with SEO data to show what kind of content is performing on Google. The helpful ‘questions’ feature allows you to restrict this data to questions that a given online audience is asking, allowing you to craft content that answers the queries directly and position your brand for better engagement.

Alongside these features, Buzzsumo has the additional advantage of distribution tips, which shows you exactly which platforms are most likely to get a response from your target audience, and saves you from diverting resources to content that won’t see much engagement.

4. Hashtagify

One of the best tools for social media managers who like to keep things simple, Hashtagify is a tool that’s focused on one thing: making your use of hashtags more efficient and effective.

If Instagram and Twitter/X are a major part of your social media strategy, Hashtagify’s analytics features can give you useful data insights on which hashtag groups are most popular, and the specific tags that are trending at any given time. 

As you build data on the kind of hashtags that are generating the most engagement for your brand, you can use the tool to create unique hashtag groups for quick future reference and stronger campaign planning.

One of the most exciting features of Hashtagify is its AI-powered automated hashtag feature. Using an innovative image recognition model, this allows you to simply enter the image you’re using for an Instagram post, then allow the tool to come up with a string of hashtag suggestions that are both relevant and engaging.

5. Awario

If your content on and off social media has started to gain some traction, but you’re not sure of the extent of it, then Awario might be the tool for you.

A versatile social listening tool that draws data from Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, Awario is one of the best tools for social media managers who want to keep on top of brand mentions and sentiment no matter where it crops up.

As Awario tracks mentions of your brand across the internet, it will feed the data it gathers into its own intuitive analytics platform. This enables you to see trends in your mentions over time, filter mentions by positive, negative, and neutral, as well as create lists of the top-followed accounts who are talking about you across different platforms. These features make the tool useful not only for monitoring brand sentiment, but identifying potential influencers who might be an asset to your program.

Alongside these features, Awario is a markedly international social media monitoring tool, capable of tracking mentions and sentiment in any language across geographic locations. This makes it a great choice for international brands who want to ensure they’re not missing out on any key data sets.

Building a Better Social Tech Stack

We hope this round-up of the best tools for social media managers has helped you strategize the expansion of your social media tech stack, and helped you discover some useful new features to streamline your campaigns.

For instant access to a range of intuitive, AI-powered tools that make your social media marketing effortless, sign up to Highperformr for free today! 

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