Social AI and Automation

Automate content ideation and maximize engagement – using Social AI

Get personalized content ideas, post consistently, and see engagement levels rise

Customize Social AI settings to automate researching on trending topics and generate ready-to-publish drafts every day. Use posting automation and AI insights to enhance engagement and impact.  

Get AI-generated ideas with Social AI

Personalize the Social AI to get drafts in your tone of voice from your preferred sources such as Reditt, Substack, new sources, and more.

Automate posting to save time and manual effort

Enable automations for tasks such as reposts, delays between threads on X, and cross-posting content between LinkedIn and X. 

Use AI insight to engage with your audience better

Allow AI to monitor trends and assist with research so you can focus your efforts on engaging meaningfully with your audience.

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Experience the Value of Social AI

Use the following AI and automation features to generate viral-worthy posts.

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