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The 5 Best AI Tools for Social Media Management in 2024

Since the proliferation of ChatGPT and other popular tools, AI has taken a number of different marketing channels by storm, including social media.

Aside from the obvious applications of creating great visuals and writing compelling captions, AI shows a lot of promise for creating more efficient processes when managing your campaigns.

If you’re wondering what kind of benefits AI technology can offer your brand, this post is for you.

Here’s a round-up of our five favorite AI tools for social media management in 2024.

1. Highperformr

 Highperformr is a multifaceted and intuitive social media management platform covering a range of different functionalities for in-house marketing teams and agencies, including post creation and scheduling, team collaboration, analytics, and more.

Highperformr helps users stay ahead of the curve with the most innovative social media marketing campaigns possible.

Some of our best AI tools for social media management include:

  • AI-powered analytics that will automatically pick up on engagement patterns and make suggestions to help you build stronger campaigns.
  • An intuitive content prompt platform empowering you to craft a tone of voice that reflects your brand.
  • Content ideation and scheduling features that will trawl trending topics on X/Twitter and LinkedIn, then craft original posts that are positioned to benefit from hot social media trends.
  • Time and day pattern recognition so you can target optimal posting times based on your audience’s unique behavioral traits.

With these great social media AI functions combined with various tools for more efficient post scheduling, team collaboration, and more, we’re confident in calling Highperformr one of the best AI tools for social media management on the current market.

2. Brandwatch

If your approach to social media management is heavily influenced by patterns in brand sentiment and trending topics, Brandwatch is definitely one for your marketing tech shortlist.

Centered around social listening and monitoring conversations relevant to your niche, this tool is ideal for keeping your finger on the pulse and making dynamic decisions to align your social media presence with your audience’s current behaviors.

With its own AI “Iris”, Brandwatch allows users to:

  • Set up alerts for mentions of brands and keywords, then let the AI summarize the sentiment around them through natural language processing.
  • Analyze your and your competitors’ social media content in seconds, receive insights about the relevant content strategies at work, then use these patterns in terms of themes and tone to inform your strategy.
  • Create original content and comment replies with generative AI.

While some users have reported that Brandwatch’s strong focus on social media monitoring have created a result that’s less comprehensive and feature-rich than some alternatives, it definitely stands out as one of the best AI tools for social media management informed by audience sentiment.

3. Brand24

Brand24 is another tool with an AI-first design, with a number of different features all centered around the goal of protecting your brand’s online reputation. 

The highly responsive brand sentiment analysis and customized reporting alerts you instantly to changes in the conversation around your brand and your competitors. This makes it easy for you and your team to react promptly to issues and uncover patterns that can inform your long-term strategy.

Some of this platform’s best AI management features include:

  • AI-generated reports with simple, shareable top-line summaries.
  • An LLM-style brand assistant that enables you to ask direct questions about your brand health, data trends, and other variables.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis.
  • Influencer analysis highlighting accounts who are already having positive interactions with your brand.

With this rich array of tools designed to help manage your brand’s perception across different online spaces, Brand24 is a great solution for businesses in a niche where sentiment can change quickly.

4. Flick

Designed to streamline the process of repurposing your successful content across several different platforms, Flick is ideal for smaller brands with a varied social media presence, but who don’t have the time to give every single platform its due diligence.

Flick’s Content Lab allows you to either generate AI content or paste in your own original ideas, then allow its purpose-built AI editing tools to adjust the tone, length, etc. for various social media platforms, instantly turning one great idea into several.

Aside from this great application, some of Flick’s best features include:

  • A generative AI writing tool designed specifically for captioning images.
  • Auto-generated hashtags based on visual content and captions.
  • Content topic brainstorming to help speed up ideation.

Some Flick users have reported that the generative AI takes a little longer to work compared to other tools, and occasionally runs into technical issues. However, if your social media strategy centers around repurposing content, and you’re looking to make this faster and less labor-intensive, then Flick’s purpose-built solution is certainly one to try out.

5. FeedHive

FeedHive’s social media AI features are focused on making incremental improvements to the overarching quality of your posts and your publishing schedule This makes it one of the best AI tools for social media management if you want to ensure you’re posting the right kind of content at the right time. 

FeedHive’s strategic features are accompanied by an AI writing assistant powered by GPT-4 and fine-tuned for different kinds of social media posts, giving your content calendar an extra little productivity boost.

FeedHive’s core AI features include:

  • AI-powered performance analysis of your posts, and suggestions of how you can improve them for better performance in the future.
  • Draft analysis predicting how well your content is going to perform, giving you the chance to fine-tune posts before they go live.
  • Posting time analysis that provides useful insights for things like a platform’s most active hours, the best time to maximize visibility, and the best times for engagement.

Aside from its great capacity to fine-tune the quality of your posts and build an optimized posting schedule based on your unique audience, FeedHive’s reporting features are also available with a white label version. This makes it a great choice for agencies and consultants who want to assist their clients with the power of AI and keep their reporting looking professional and unique.

Embracing AI Tools for Social Media Management

As AI becomes a bigger and bigger part of success in social media marketing across all platforms, we hope this round-up of our favorite tools has given you some useful pointers for developing your martech stack.

To discover some of the great capabilities that AI-powered tools can bring to your next campaign, sign up to Highperformr for free today!

Abishekk R
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