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Announcing Our Seed Funding And Product Launch

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured a seed funding of $3.5 million in a round led by Venture Highway, with participation from Neon, DeVC, and notable angel investors.

Hey there! 

Ever thought about how to make your social media work even better for your business? 

At Highperformr, we're always asking ourselves that same question. And guess what? We've got some exciting news to share! We just landed $3.5 million in seed funding, led by Venture Highway, along with Neon, DeVC, and some awesome angel investors. 

This funding is going to help us build our platform and offer advanced AI-driven tools to help businesses maximize their social media ROI through streamlined processes and insightful analytics.

Why is now the perfect time for Highperformr?

Establishing a social presence is more complex than it seems. Achieving tangible ROI from social media investments is equally challenging due to:

  1. Diverse Platform Requirements: Each social media platform demands unique content in both form and factor to resonate with its audience.
  2. Consistency Demands: Effective social media requires continuous engagement, beyond just one-off events.
  3. Limited Cross-Team Collaboration: Social media management often rests solely with the marketing team, lacking broader organizational participation.

The result? An inefficient, chaotic system that leaves you drained and distracts you from what you truly want to do —growing your business, your brand. 

This is the reality for many businesses, a problem that Highperformr aims to change. 

Why is engagement on social media so crucial?

Imagine your social media strategy as managing a booth at a busy business expo. It’s more than just setting up displays and handing out brochures (creating and uploading content); it’s about actively engaging with passersby, answering their questions, and building meaningful connections (meaningful interaction) to convert them into customers.

However, many companies man their booth by focusing solely on the few attendees who show immediate interest in their products (the 5% with immediate buying intent), neglecting the majority who are simply browsing or exploring options (the remaining 95%). 

At a physical event, this approach limits engagement due to the scale, but social media allows you to engage with a much larger audience consistently, building relationships that drive long-term growth.

Why current social media tools aren’t suited for businesses

Right now, there are a number of tools available for managing social media, each specializing in functions like scheduling posts or tracking analytics. However, using these tools separately can be cumbersome, making it challenging to effectively grow your online presence. When we decided to build Highperformr, we saw the limitations of existing tools: 

  1. Outdated Technology: Many products were built a decade ago and aren’t AI-native.
  2. Lack of Intuitiveness: They’re not designed to be user-friendly or to support seamless collaboration among large teams. 
  3. Limited Focus: These tools primarily concentrate on managing social presence rather than driving actual growth from social platforms.

As co-founders, we want to empower businesses with modern tools designed to support growth, starting with modern social media management.

Founded in July 2023, Highperformr is dedicated to creating a product that simplifies social media management for businesses of all sizes, enabling teams to amplify their social presence and drive significant growth through social media.

How can Highperformr help?

Highperformr is modern social media software powered by Gen AI. It helps businesses boost their social media ROI. Highperformr amplifies online presence, fuels lead generation, and accelerates pipeline growth for B2B businesses.

Here’s how:

With Highperformr, companies can streamline social media management, use AI for content optimization, get actionable insights for growth, empower employees to amplify the brand's voice on social media, ensure consistent, scalable social media presence, and maximize ROI from their social media efforts.

What is our commitment to your success?

Highperformr is dedicated to empowering businesses by ensuring effective onboarding and driving adoption within teams, ultimately enhancing ROI from social media efforts.

Seamless Onboarding:

  1. Comprehensive Support: We provide end-to-end onboarding assistance, helping configure and personalize Social AI to meet content needs for all the profiles being onboarded to our platform. 
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive platform ensures a smooth learning curve, making it easy for teams to start leveraging Highperformr’s capabilities quickly.

Driving Adoption Across Teams:

  1. Integrated Workflows: Highperformr’s Gen AI capabilities seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, enabling all team members to contribute to social media efforts easily.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Our platform encourages collaboration across departments, ensuring cohesive and unified social media strategies. You can be assured that every peice of content produced in your organization gets an equal chance to be distributed.

After our seed funding, our announcement has been seen across numerous news outlets, with mentions on industry-leading platforms, including: Inc 42, BusinessLine, YourStory, MoneyControl, Yahoo and The Times of India.

What’s next for Highperformr?

We are transforming social media management from a daunting and boring task into a smooth, efficient process that drives demand generation, all powered by Gen AI. Over the next 8-12 months, we will refine our product, adding features to help businesses filter the signal from the noise and achieve better ROI from social media — easily!

Experience the future of social media management with Highperformr. Sign up for free today and start boosting your ROI with AI-driven insights and automation!

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