Highperformr has been designed keeping in mind the fact that amplifying a company’s social presence isn’t something one can single-handedly do. It requires collaboration, coordination, and teamwork. It involves contributions from multiple stakeholders and many layers of approval. And Highperformr makes all of this seamless and friction free.

Workspaces are at the centre of everything you do on the product — whether it is your personal workspace or a team workspace. 

Set up dedicated workspaces for your teams using the button on the left navigation bar. Give the new workspace a unique name, and personalize it. You can add unlimited users to your workspace. 


Once you add a member, you can assign roles to the person. The roles can be one of four — Collaborator, Content Creator, Publisher, and Admin. These roles will decide the kind of access and permissions they have. 

You can also use the simple toggle to decide whether or not the user will be able to approve drafts shared by others before publishing. 


Share drafts with your team members easily for edits or review.

Just add the name of the person in your team or workspace, and hit ‘Share’. 


The box on the right can be used to tag or @mention colleagues, in case you have specific comments, questions, or requests about the post draft. 

Team members can respond to the comment so all discussions about the post are streamlined. 

You can also easily filter out drafts shared with you and take any action necessary. 


It is super quick and easy to share drafts with other team members and get their approval before it is posted online. 

You can just click the ‘Ask approval’ button, select the name of the approver, and it will be sent to the person instantly.  

Approvals can happen in real time. In case you’re awaiting approval, you can also share a reminder to nudge the person to respond to your draft. 


All users can easily filter and view drafts based on the approval status — drafts that you need to approve, drafts you’re awaiting approval on, and drafts that have been rejected. 

Users with approval access can respond to requests in one click, either on the request email in their inbox or from within the Highperformr dashboard. 

Approvers can easily also recall approvals if necessary. 

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