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Write and share content that makes the audience sit up and take notice. Growing your presence on social media is now super easy.

Users on the FREE account can only connect one social media account at a time – either LinkedIn or X (Twitter). 

Users with a PRO account can integrate more than one account and manage different accounts on one dashboard with one click.

If you’re a user on the TEAM plan, you can easily add more accounts from both LinkedIn and Twitter. Each workspace can have up to 25 accounts.


You can get started on Highperformr with one account and add more later. 

Just turn the toggle on to view all accounts, and easily switch between different handles. Toggle to the left to view only your personal profiles and toggle right to view all the accounts connected in the workspace.

If you have multiple accounts linked to Highperformr, you can access drafts from across handles on a single screen, or choose to filter drafts by handle. 


Configure AI Settings: As soon as you connect your LinkedIn or X account, the AI will read your posts from the past and learn your writing style – what you write about, whether you use a lot of emojis and hashtags, and more. You can then refine the AI’s understanding of the kind of content you create. 

Personalize your AI settings so the Highperformr Social AI can generate post ideas and drafts tailored for you.  

Start with the basics about yourself – what you do, which team you’re part of. 

Give the AI input on what topics you would like to write about – be sure to include specifics, because if the topic you key in is too broad, the posts the AI generates for you will be too generic. 

The more specific and niche your topic or keyword is, the more relevant the AI-generated drafts will be to your persona. You’ll then be able to publish the draft with minimal edits. 

Similarly, define clearly who your target audience is, so the AI can generate content ideas that will appeal to them.

Tell the AI once what your draft posts must sound like, and whether you like emojis, hashtags. It will remember that and craft your posts accordingly.

You can then give the AI a list of blogs you subscribe to or news websites you would like it to track, and give you post suggestions or ideas. 



Write Your Posts: You can write your post from scratch if you know exactly what you want to post about. 

Alternatively, you can use the Highperformr Social AI to give you some inspiration and get started. Simply click on the topic you want to write about, and the AI will generate a post for you. 

Get Post Ideas from AI:

Crafting attention-grabbing posts every day can be a little difficult. Our Social AI is trained to consistently supply you with creative, engaging post ideas based on your interests. 

Our social AI helps is not a generic generative AI program. It creates posts specifically tailored for social media publishing. It understands your areas of interest, monitors the internet to track trending topics, and gives you the intel you need to stay active on social media.

You can hit the ‘Get Post Ideas’ button on the left navigation bar, and the Highperformr Social AI will generate drafts for you. 

Drafts based on your Interest: 

The AI can generate posts based on your topics of interest, from topics trending on social platforms, or based on the latest news.

If you like the draft, click ‘Add to My Drafts’. 


Once you have the base to work with, you can improve the content using AI. 

You can use one of the pre-set instructions or key in a different prompt or instruction for the AI. 

You can then enhance your posts with emojis and hashtags, or add color to the content with photos, and GIFs. 

Auto-Saved Drafts: All your drafts are auto-saved. 


Once your content is ready, you can choose to post it immediately with the click of a button, and the post will go live. 

You can also choose to schedule the post to be published later. You can either hit the ‘Pick a slot’ button and enter the time, or hit the ‘Pick next slot’ button to schedule it at the time suggested by the AI. 

You can schedule your post to be published an hour from the time of scheduling up to 7 days from the time of scheduling.


Visual Calendar: View all your scheduled posts on the calendar. 

See how your posts are distributed across different days.

Get a comprehensive view of all the slots available. Easily schedule your drafts by assigning them to specific slots.

Or if you’d like to create a new post instead of a saved draft, you can do it directly from the scheduling view.

Make changes to scheduled drafts even after they’ve been slotted into the calendar.

AUTOMATION automates a lot of simple tasks so you can save time and dedicate more time and effort to deep work. .


The autocopy automation features enables you to efficiently repurpose content across different profiles, cross post content across handles, and repost scheduled tweets to increase visibility. 

You can apply the automation or switch the toggle off to suit your preference. 


You can also instruct the tool to turn long content into Tweet Threads and publish the thread with a short delay between each post. 

Automations are also in place to track character count of your drafts in real time, so you can write without stressing about having your posts truncated. The tool will give you a character count warning as you approach the limit. will also track posts that don’t get published at the scheduled time. Identify these posts using the button on the left navigation bar, review the posts that didn’t go live, and reschedule them. 

CROSSPOST allows you to publish or schedule posts across multiple handles at once. Just select the ‘Cross Posting’ button at the bottom of the screen and the post you’re writing will show up on all the handles in your workspace. 


View all published posts, across accounts and across platforms. 

If you don’t want a consolidated view, you can easily filter published posts by account. 


Highperformr can track posts that didn’t get published because of some technical issue. All failed posts can be tracked from the left navigation bar. 

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