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How Highperformr Can Help You Get Better ROI From Social Media Efforts

Hello! We're delighted to introduce to you Highperformr, a modern social media management tool that will help you elevate your social presence and get you better ROI from your social media efforts. 

What is

What is

Highperformr is a Gen AI-native social media management platform that helps businesses with social media management at scale and enables them to drive business growth from social media platforms. 

You can use Highperformr to generate ideas for social media posts (we’ll elaborate how in a minute – stay with us), write posts and refine it using GenAI, collaborate with your teammates on the post drafts, schedule the posts for publishing, repurpose those posts and have it published on multiple accounts, and monitor the performance of your posts with detailed analytics.

What’s unique about

Our proprietary Social AI – powered by multiple Gen AI and LLM models – is what sets us apart from the rest. 

Once you sign up for Highperformr, you get to personalize your AI settings and tell the Highperformr Social AI what topics you typically write about, who your target audience is, what websites or social media platforms you usually follow, what news sources you track, and other such details. You also tell the Social AI what your writing style is like, what tone of voice you prefer to have on social posts, what your emoji/hashtag preferences are, etc.  The Social AI model takes all this into consideration, learns from your previous social media activity, and generates post ideas personally for you. You could also use the Social AI to look through specific content sources such as a blog or a case study or any other document and have it generate social post ideas based on that.

What can you do with is built for teams of all sizes and equips businesses to get ROI from your social media efforts.

Here are some of they ways the platform can help:

Social publishing at scale: 

  • Publish consistently across multiple social handles.
  • Generate personalized content ideas.
  • Create posts from content sources, topics.

Team collaboration:

  • Execute social campaigns on one screen. 
  • Add unlimited users to the workspace. 
  • Collaborate on drafts and approvals.

Social AI and automation: 

  • Personalize and configure AI settings. 
  • Improve drafts with Social AI.
  • Automate posting to save time. 

Employee advocacy:

  • Collectively amplify brand voice.
  • Increase organic reach with zero ad spends. 
  • Repurpose brand content for different users. 

Social selling: 

  • Build an organic pipeline on social media.
  • Identify audiences that fit your ICP. 
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with prospects. 

In-depth analytics and AI insight:

  • Identify what’s working and why.
  • Insight to refine content strategy & derive high ROI. 
  • Get granular data for all accounts.

Essentially, Highperformr packs into one slick, easy-to-use tool everything you need to turn a mere contact on your CRM into a customer. redefines the rules, making effective dissemination the driving force behind your success. 

The Genesis: Why we started

The company was created after the founders Sri and Ramesh saw a clear need for a B2B product that helps businesses build an organic pipeline through social presence and social selling, and help businesses get better ROI from their social media efforts. 

Today, on the one hand, CRMs focus on sales prospecting and emails, but ignore the importance of social presence and first-party context from social platforms. Social media management tools too are built to help maintain a social presence rather than using social platforms for inbound sales and growth. On the other, there’s pressure on CMOs and businesses to work with tight budgets and generate leads through organic channels. 

The Highperformr platform ties these loose ends together. Using GenAI and LLM, Highperformr enables businesses to amplify their social media presence, identify and nurture potential customers on social media, and build meaningful relationships that will help grow their business. 

‍How It All Began: 40+ Free Micro Apps and Product Hunt Success

Our journey took an interesting turn as we sought to understand the needs of the digital community. We embarked on a mission to build 40 free micro apps, including standout tools like the Bio Generator and X Tweet Generator. The idea was simple: let's understand what the world wants before building something we are passionate about. This initiative not only helped us learn and adapt but also earned us the honor of becoming the No. 1 Product Hunt of the day a few of months back.

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