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Twitter Video Length Limit: What You Need to Know

X (formerly Twitter) is a popular social media platform that has seen many updates and features in the recent past. From being a microblogging platform to now an active mode for customer interaction, brands also want to make their presence felt on social media. Over the years, Twitter has evolved from plain text tweets to integrating media like images, videos, audio files, etc. One of the features of Twitter is the ability to share videos, but there is a limit on how long those videos can be.

As a marketer, you must know the average Twitter video length limit to devise your Twitter video marketing strategy. A Twitter video cannot be longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds, but the length may vary if you have a subscription. 

Let us tell you more about how long Twitter videos can be and some methods to post and download Twitter videos. 

Twitter Videos Length Limit

You need to know the video length limit whenever you want to share a video on Twitter. Twitter has specific video length limits for tweeted and Twitter Ads videos. In this section, we will discuss the length limits for both types of videos.

Tweeted Video Length

The maximum length for a tweeted video on Twitter is 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds). This is the case for most users, and the video length cannot be extended beyond this limit. 

It is important to note that the maximum Twitter video size limit is 512MB, and the maximum frame rate is 60fps. If the video exceeds the file size limit, Twitter will prompt you to adjust it. You can trim it on the app or change the original video file.

Twitter Ads Video Length

If you plan to use Twitter Ads to promote your product/services, there is a different limit on Twitter ad videos, too. The maximum length for a Twitter Ads video is 10 minutes, significantly longer than the length limit for tweeted videos. However, it is important to note that Twitter Ads are paid promotions, and the video length limit may vary depending on your ad type.

Here’s an example of a Twitter ad: 

Twitter recommends to keep video ads to 15 seconds or less! Twitter supports MP4 and MOV file types, and the size limit is up to 1 GB. However, for optimal viewing experience and faster loading, it is recommended to be under 30 MB. 

Twitter Video Length Limit for Subscribers

For those unaware, Twitter also has a subscription model for eligible users.  As a Twitter Blue subscriber, you can access additional features that regular users do not have. One of these features is an increased video length limit. According to Business Insider, Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos up to 10 minutes in length, which is significantly longer than the 140-second limit for regular users.

However, it's important to note that even as a Twitter Blue subscriber, you must adhere to certain video length and size guidelines. The maximum file size for Twitter videos is 512MB, which must be uploaded in MP4 or MOV format.

If you're looking to upload longer videos to Twitter, it's important to remember that longer videos may take longer to upload and may not be as engaging for your audience. 

Video Formats Supported by Twitter

When it comes to uploading videos on Twitter, it's important to know which video formats are supported. Twitter supports a variety of video formats, including MP4 and MOV formats. These formats are widely used and are compatible with most devices.

Twitter recommends using the MP4 format with H264 Codec and AAC audio codec for best results. This is because these specifications are standard for MP4 files and provide the best quality in terms of video and audio. Twitter also supports other video formats like AVI, WMV, and MPEG-2, but these formats are not recommended as they may not be compatible with all devices.

How to Post Long Videos on Twitter?

As previously mentioned, Twitter's default video length limit is 140 seconds. However, if you want to post longer videos, you can do a few things to make it work.

Split Your Video into Smaller Parts

One way to post long videos on Twitter is by splitting them into smaller parts and posting them as a series of tweets. You can make a creative Twitter thread to get your point across via different parts of 1 video. Watching a long video may also not be as interesting, but you can share your entire video with your followers into more manageable chunks via this method.

Use Third-Party Video Hosting Services

Since Twitter does not allow sharing long videos directly, you can rely on third-party video hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo. You can upload your video to one of these services and then share the link to your video on Twitter. This way, you can post longer videos without worrying about Twitter's length limit. People will be able to watch the video on the feed, without having to leave the app. 

Use Twitter's Live Streaming Feature

If you want to post a longer video in real-time, you can use the live-streaming feature. With live streaming, you can broadcast a video to your followers in real-time, and there is no limit on the length of your video.

Choose the best method for you and start sharing your longer videos on Twitter today!

Best Practices for Twitter Videos

When using Twitter videos for marketing purposes, certain best practices can help you create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Remember you can also embed twitter feeds on your website to enrich your content. Here are some of the most effective tips and tricks for optimizing your Twitter videos.

Grab Attention in the First 5 Secs

Your videos should hold your audience’s attention in the first glimpses of playing them. The first few seconds of your video are crucial for grabbing your audience's attention. You need to ensure that your video is visually engaging and quickly communicates the value of your content. One effective way to do this is by starting your video with a strong hook that captures your audience's interest.

Have Strong Visual Components

Videos are already a strong visual element, but you must enhance them to make them stand out. Use high-quality visuals and vibrant characters that are relevant to your content and that help to reinforce your message. Don’t clutter the frame with too much text, it should be easy to read and follow. 

Additionally, you should consider using text overlays or captions to make your video more accessible to viewers who might be watching with the sound off.

Engagement Tips

Engagement is key when it comes to Twitter videos. You want to create content that encourages your audience to like, comment, and share your video. One effective way to do this is by asking your viewers to engage with your content directly. For example, ask them to share their thoughts in the comments or to retweet your video if they find it valuable.

Optimize Aspect Ratios

Aspect ratios are an important consideration when creating Twitter videos. You want to ensure that your video is optimized for the platform to display correctly on all devices. The ideal aspect ratio for Twitter videos is 16:9, the same as the standard HD video format. By using this aspect ratio, you can ensure that your video looks great on all devices and that it's easy for your audience to engage with your content.

How to Download Videos From Twitter?

Other than ads on Twitter, there are many other videos which are shared for sheer entertainment purposes. Or some ads could be just as entertaining and you would want to share such video clips with your team. Saving videos from Twitter is always recommended, however the platform does not have an in-built download feature for videos.

If you're searching for a dependable, cost-free, and user-friendly application for downloading Twitter videos, Highperformr and its array of AI tools are worth exploring. The AI X (Twitter) Video Downloader enables downloading high-quality Twitter videos. Highperformr is an excellent resource for storing their preferred Twitter videos for offline enjoyment. Beyond Twitter video downloads, it also offers services for creating engaging bios, composing viral Twitter threads, and adjusting photo sizes for Twitter compatibility.

Moreover, Highperformr is a comprehensive social media management platform aiding content creation and posting on schedule. Users can organize a content calendar, formulate captions with hashtags, and schedule posts for automatic publication. To know more about all its offerings, click here

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