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April 12, 2024

11 Best Social Media Collaboration Tools for Your Team in 2024

From board meetings and working in cubicles to Zoom calls and remote teams - the world is evolving to a distributed working model. However, this transformation shouldn't lead to inefficient task allocation, missed deadlines, or on-the-job mistakes. There is no scope of error for social media teams tasked with representing the brand online. 

The solution? Leveraging social media collaboration tools for seamless workflows and real-time interaction about the project at hand. 

In this article, we’ll tell you what a collaborator tool does, why you should invest in it, and how you can choose one for your business. We’ve also compiled a list of 11 social media collaboration tools for diverse business and communications needs. Let’s jump right in. 

What Is A Social Media Collaboration Tool?

Collaboration is working with someone to produce something or communicating with your team on specific tasks of a project. 

A social media collaboration tool serves as a centralized hub for your team to huddle in, execute tasks, and review the entire project timeline. Given the collaborative nature of social media management, where tasks span from ideation and creation to the final posting, collaboration tools streamline team efforts to bring efficiency into this multistep process.

Why Should Social Media Teams Consider A Social Media Collaboration Tool?

Managing multiple social media platforms is no easy feat, but the right social media collaboration can work wonders for your social media team. The right collaboration tool can enhance your social media experience, bring your team together, and ensure that you aren’t making any mistakes in this long-tailed process. 

Here are 4 ways in which collaboration tools transform cumbersome task management into collaborative dream work: 

  1. Streamline communication: Collaborative tools offer a centralized space for decision-makers, creators, and clients to review the content pipeline, exchange ideas, provide real-time feedback, and discuss social media strategy.
  2. Build Seamless Teamwork: These tools bring everyone on the same page with respect to content creation, scheduling, and optimization. The tools also facilitate constructive feedback at each step of the way.
  3. Review and Edit: Social media collaboration tools make it easy for different teams to review and proofread content, follow brand guidelines, and maintain consistency.
  4. Organize Workflow: Collaborator tools streamline workflow by simplifying the approval process and eliminating manual communication. This allows the team to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines effectively.

What To Look For In A Social Media Team Collaboration Software?

There are many collaboration tools available, which makes the process of shortlisting one a task of its own. Here is a step-by-step evaluation to simplify the process:

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Start by pinpointing the feature gap you aim to fill with collaboration tools. Clearly define the features and functionalities that the tool must provide.

Step 2: User Base and Licenses

Evaluate who will use the software and determine the number of licenses required. Decide whether it's for project teams only or the entire organization.

Step 3: Integration Requirements

Make a list of projects that require collaboration, and identify areas that need integration, such as accounting, CRM, or HR software. 

Step 4: Define Outcomes

Identify the areas you aim to improve. Clearly define how success will be measured, such as gaining greater visibility into performance.

Step 5: Fit within Your Organization

Evaluate the software selection in alignment with your workflows and delivery methodology. Assess what is working well and identify areas causing issues that need attention. 

Once you have the answer to these questions, find a tool that fits your needs, and you’ll be good to go. To make matters easier, here’s a list of top social media collaboration tools of 2024. 

Top 11 Social Media Collaboration Tools Of 2024

Unlock your team's full potential with these cutting-edge social media collaboration tools designed for distributed social media teams.

1. Highperformr

If you’re done shuffling through a dozen apps in your social media management journey, then we’d suggest Highperformr, a cutting-edge post-scheduling and collaboration tool for high-performing distributed teams. 

Highperformr offers a range of free tools for various stages of content creation and publishing process and gives you access to post-publishing analytics. What’s better? Dozens of team members can log in to the same account and check the entire content pipeline for themselves. 

Edit, review, approve, and publish on the go with Highperformr, a tool for high-functioning executives, remote teams, and social media managers with an unending task list. 

Here’s how you can save hours with smart collaboration through Highperformr:

  • Schedule content on the go and bulk upload media files 
  • Optimize publishing time and schedule content for maximum visibility
  • Create content through AI with the right context and flow
  • Get useful analytics based on trends, not just numbers
  • Stay regular with a consistency tracker 
  • Safely interact with the audience through secure online engagement features 
  • Collaborate with the team for efficient social media management 

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is an excellent social media collaboration tool for mapping out ideas, writing strategy briefs, and executing tasks. You can collaborate in real time, which makes it perfect for hosting brainstorming sessions with remote teams. The collaboration extends beyond review, and you invite the team to work through the comments and editing invitations.


  • Social calendar and dashboard for easy presentation of scheduled content and the idea pipeline  
  • Open invitation to unlimited members for viewing and reviewing the content before it goes live
  • Individual admin access for decision-makers in the team
  • Easy upload through CSV files and notepad 
  • Allows edits after the uploads are scheduled
  • Consistent service for all major social media platforms 
  • Flawless prompt support
  • On the affordable side 
  • Lets you find and publish popular content through RSS feed automation 


  • Hidden costs that add up to a big number
  • Inconsistent customer care 

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile social media management and collaboration for mid-sized teams. If in-house content creation and publishing is your main concern, then it is your right choice. Along with the basic features, the tool allows you to organize ideas and manage the content pipeline with its calendar and dashboard.


  • Comprehensive dashboard for monitoring multiple social media channels 
  • Promotes consistency because of the collaborative features 
  • Group calendar for synchronized content scheduling 


  • Inconsistent customer service and upsetting billing function 
  • Lack analytics

4. Buffer

Buffer is a project collaboration project platform with AI-based analytics. It has hundreds of integrations and flexible project views. The app streamlines your work in one centralized platform, and it allows for time tracking and analytics for a transparent understanding of other team members' work and upcoming projects.


  • Allows for reliable and consistent content scheduling 
  • Commendable customer support with quick replies and plenty of back and forth
  • Provides social media analytics for each and every post 
  • Enables in-app engagement through social media mention alerts
  • Has one of the best Chrome plug-in for sharing content on collateral platforms


  • Rigid and hard to get used for diverse team members 
  • Unreliable queuing feature for Twitter (X)

5. Asana

Asana is a visually simple and intuitive tool that comes with a uniquely clutter free interface for distributed teams. It’s great for high-performing teams who don’t need guidance, and repeated approval cycles. You can manage projects, assign tasks and enable automatic notifications to touch base with your team at every step of the way. 


  • Open invitation to users into the digital workspace. 
  • Automatic alerts to collaborators regarding edits and updates
  • Visually appealing workflows for efficient project management 
  • Excellent mobile apps for collaboration on the go


  • Spammy email service 
  • Lack of time-tracking feature that limits team monitoring
  • Limits task allotment to one user, which forces team leaders to create new tasks within the same workflow 

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a project management spree tailored to the needs of mid to large sized enterprises. It supports distributed teams requiring a rather sophisticated view of the project timeline. This tool is complex, but it offers a robust collaboration space for teams to engage in discussion, share ideas, and track the entire content creation and publishing timeline. 


  • Simplifies social media management with a single dashboard for all platforms 
  • Has a unique social listening tool that lets you keep tabs on topics worth covering 


  • On the expensive side 
  • Does not offer a freemium version

7. Canva

Beyond being a versatile design app, Canva is also a great option for collaboration on design projects. The tool lets us assign tasks and keep tabs on each team member's progress. Instead of sharing the graphics on Email or Slack, each team member can directly check it from the website itself, and offer their input through Canva’s neat comment feature. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comment and tag feature to assign tasks and leave feedback 
  • Free version with full-stack of features 
  • Cloud-based platform
  • One of the biggest template libraries for content creation 


  • No automatic updates or change history for different team members
  • Limited collaboration features such as meeting rooms or live chat  

8. Notion

Notion is a lightweight collaboration tool with a clean and simple interface. The tool has four functional areas: documentation, knowledge base, task and project management, and spreadsheets. It is best suited for teams who use a combination of documentation and content creation tools, as it combines the capabilities of various tools into one single website. Users also get a chance to collaborate on new projects through its Teamspaces feature.


  • User-friendly interface for basic documentation and collaboration 
  • Comes with comprehensive tutorials and documentation for teams 
  • Has tons of free templates for project management to get you started 


  • Steep learning curve which can be overwhelming for many
  • Cumbersome mobile app

9. Plannable

Plannable is a well-grounded and flexible collaboration tool that can be adapted to small to mid-enterprise teams. It uses a prediction algorithm for various aspects of task management, such as selecting members for the task. While people waste hours on four different apps, Plannable organizes the entire workflow for various social media platforms, all within the same dashboard. 


  • Customizable dashboard to view and plan posts
  • Intuitive commenting feature for instant and pointed feedback/inputs 
  • Sync button for content customization 
  • Offers separate workspace for each client/project


  • Limits the number of posts on the free plan 

10. Slack

Slack is an indispensable communications and collaboration app used by millions of businesses worldwide. Thanks to its free model, the app is ready to use and easy to sign up for. Along with live chat and huddles, Slack’s communication tools include personal and public replies, HD video meetings, and many features for one-on-one communication. 


  • Multiple channels for different projects, and can set multiple meetings
  • Great audio and video connectivity
  • Great central integrations to control the entire business
  • Impressive integration with ClickUp, Google Calendar, HubSpot, and Zapier  


  • Confusing and distracting UI which is a productivity killer 
  • The arrangement of users can be improved 

11. is a collaborative tool that provides a highly customizable interface and other advanced features like message boards and task management templates that allow you to visualize the entire project timeline. If you’re looking for a tool for social media projects or working with a team of freelancers, this tool is a godsend for you.


  • A “collaboration-ready” tool for teams across the globe
  • Customizable task tracking feature 
  • Excellent timeline view to track progress 
  • Includes a highly accessible workplace for real-time collaboration, scheduling tasks, and automation of administrative work 


  • User-based pricing model
  • Lacks integration options with third-party apps such as Sharepoint, Salesforce, etc

Summing Up 

Today’s world of work demands collaboration, whether you’re dealing with remote teams or long-tailed projects. To keep your team aligned, informed, and on point, this list wraps it up for the top 11 collaboration tools to get you started.

Social media collaboration tools are becoming an indispensable part of businesses worldwide, regardless of their team size or scale of operation. 

If you’re looking to bring efficiency into your workflow, read our guide on How to Save Time and Stay Secure with AI

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