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6 Best Places To Find Social Media Marketing Jobs

Many social media marketing jobs can help launch you into a highly lucrative and fulfilling career.

However, this niche is also extremely competitive, and you’ll need to approach your job hunt with the right strategy if you want to secure your dream position in the social media niche.

Once you’ve polished your resume and got your references in order, your next step will be to find a job board with plenty of active social media recruiters, and features that make it easy for you to position yourself for the kind of job you want.

In this guide, we’ll list 6 of the best places to find social media marketing jobs.

1. LinkedIn

It shouldn’t be surprising that the best place to look for social media marketing jobs is on a social network. LinkedIn, the world’s most popular professional networking site, is home to more than 67 million listed companies, and sees six people hired every minute!

LinkedIn is a great place to look for your next social media job because it gives you access to useful search filters, allowing you to browse jobs that align with specific skills you can list on your profile, for example “community management” and “social media advertising”. It also allows you to join groups focused on discussing specific topics within social media recruitment, and has many company profiles with “Life” sections that show you what it’s like to work for their organization.

Perhaps the best thing about LinkedIn is that it’s a social network itself, where you can show off your social media marketing skills by publishing original content, getting involved in discussions, and more. When recruiters receive your application, they’ll be able to easily click through to your profile and see your demonstrable social media skills in action.

2. Indeed

A long-established giant of online recruitment, Indeed gives you access to millions of job postings accessible through a simple, user-friendly interface.

The platform allows you to upload your original resume or create one that’s easier for Indeed recruiters to access, and invites you to set custom parameters for your job search, for example only showing positions within a certain radius from your zip code.

Indeed also includes a handy salary comparison tool, company reviews so you can get an idea of other employees’ experience, and an automatic job alerts feature so you can receive daily, curated lists of social media marketing jobs to your inbox.

These features make finding social media marketing jobs on Indeed an intuitive, straightforward experience, particularly for marketers with in-demand skills who anticipate applying to a lot of different companies.

3. MarketingHire

While MarketingHire’s job search functionalities are on-par with many of the other sites on this list, it has a key advantage in that it’s designed specifically for candidates and recruiters in the marketing niche. 

This means that you won’t have to waste time creating a highly specialized profile or figuring out the search filters, and can launch straight into your job search to find a curated list of social media marketing jobs.

Aside from its focus on marketing recruitment, MarketingHire has a rich library of content with salary guides, career advancement advice, webinars, and other materials, many of them focusing specifically on social media marketing.

This makes it a particularly good job search platform for more junior marketers who are just getting started in their career, or those who want to brush up on their skills and make sure they’re well-aligned with current industry standards.

4. Monster

One of the longest-running online job boards in the world, Monster’s (now rebranded as Found It) brand recognition has given it a huge database of job openings, where countless in-house and agency-side recruiters come to connect with social media marketing talent.

Like Indeed, Monster/Found It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to upload or customize your resume, alongside helpful search filters and email notifications so you can find curated lists of social media marketing jobs, and apply to positions that are right for you as soon as they become available.

As one of the internet’s powerhouses of recruitment, Monster also publishes a range of educational content on topics like writing a strong CV, interviewing, and career development, making it another great choice for marketers who want to develop their skill set while they search for their next job.

5. Jobble

Jooble is less of an independent job board, and more a search engine that scrapes job listings from a variety of different sources, and displays them in one easy-to-navigate platform.

Jooble’s search functionality is fairly basic, allowing you to upload your resume, search by keywords, filters, and location, and set up email alerts so you know as soon as a suitable job is available on the site.

However, the way Jooble works to catalog openings from various different sources makes it a great way to access a huge volume of different jobs, and make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Jooble is also a markedly international job search engine that collates job openings from 67 different countries. This makes it a great choice for people who are looking to relocate permanently or try a temporary contract in a new location.

6. Lensa

Leveraging detailed company and recruit profiles and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Lensa brings revolutionary technology to create an enhanced experience with the recruitment process.

This high-tech site stands out as one of the most innovative places to find social media marketing jobs, and one of the best sites for discerning job hunters who want to know they’re applying to a position that’s a great fit for them, rather than taking a more “scattergun” approach and applying to a wide range of openings.

Due to the amount of data it relies on to match candidates to their jobs, setting up a profile on Lensa can take a little longer than some of the other sites on this list. However, with this step out of the way, you’ll notice the difference in the quality of job search results as its machine learning algorithm works to understand your recruitment profile, and match you with social media marketing jobs that are ideal for your skills, goals, and even personality.

To top it off, Lensa is another job board with the option to set up SMS and email notifications, helping you keep up-to-date on open positions that are a good match for you.

Finding the Right Social Media Marketing Jobs

Standing out in the competitive world of social media marketing can be more than a little challenging, but getting started with the right job boards can make it much easier to find the position that’s right for you.

If you want to brush up on your social marketing skills, learn about the capabilities of generative AI in social media, and get to grips with industry-leading analysis tools, sign up to Highperformr for free today!

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