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6 Best CRMs With Social Media Integration

Social media can be a major catalyst for sales traction for any brand. However, the fast-moving nature and diverse data sets inherent in social marketing can make it hard to extract real value. This is where social CRMs come in.

Social CRMs help you facilitate a healthier sales pipeline and a better understanding of your market by streamlining large social media data sets into a more manageable CRM format.

If you’re looking to broaden your understanding of your social audience and supercharge your sales, here’s 6 of our favorite CRMs with social media integration.

1. Highperformr

Highperformr is a robust and intuitive AI-oriented CRM with social media integration that makes it easy to understand the demands of your audience segments, and meet them quality AI-powered content tailored specifically to the platform.

At the core of the multi-functional analytics suite, you can view all your social media engagements over a given period through an intuitive sales funnel view, augmented with AI-powered insights showing trends on core social metrics, such as post impressions, profile visits, engagement rate and more.

This CRM functionality is supported by a collaborative publishing dashboard, where team members can draft content for your campaigns and move them to the next stage of the process with just a single click. This keeps your social publishing cycle fast and frictionless, and ensures total visibility for everyone involved.

To round it off, Highperformr is equipped with innovative generative AI functionality. This helps you expedite your content ideation, automate tasks such as reposting, setting delays between X threads, cross-posting content, and more.

Combining a classic user-friendly design with intuitive AI features, Highperformr is among the best CRMs with social media integration for brands who want to simplify pipeline optimization and align their processes with the future of social media marketing.

2. Nimble 

Nimble is a CRM with social media integration that’s specifically designed to work with the Microsoft program family, making it a great choice for any business that already uses this software suite on a daily basis and doesn’t want to overhaul processes in the course in order to onboard their CRM.

With in-built features for analyzing lead gen from Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare, Nimble can be easily configured to track social media brand mentions, then find and link the accounts of relevant leads and customers to fill your database with enriched contact details. With these data points, users can sort customers based on their connectivity status, giving you a quick and easy way to prioritize contacts for later stages in the sales funnel.

While Nimble’s light design makes it easy to onboard and extract value from, some users have reported finding it hard to scale during periods of growth. However, if you’re running small social media campaigns and forecasting a gradual rate of growth, Nimble could be the ideal tool for the scope of your projects.

3. Agorapulse 

Designed to help marketers keep on top of emerging trends, Agorapulse is a CRM with social media integration that’s useful for brands which focus on rapid news cycles and need support in keeping their finger on the pulse.

Equipped with a number of features for content calendar optimization, Agorapulse has tools to help with publishing posts, a combined inbox for tracking comments and messages across different platforms, as well as an automated assistant to help you organize and streamline upcoming social media tasks.

Compared to many other tools on the market, Agorapulse’s CRM functionality is a little “thin on the ground”, and may require integration with other tools to achieve the kind of pipeline optimization you’re looking for. However, if you’re in the market for functional social media analytics and a good starting point to develop customer relationships, this platform can be a great asset for your campaigns.

4. Buffer 

Although not technically a CRM with social media integration, Buffer provides great functionality for integrating with standard CRMs and optimizing for customer engagement, with a particular emphasis on customer support and responsiveness.

One of the distinguishing features of Buffer is its “Reply” tool, which centralizes communications across your branded social media accounts and helps streamline communications with your customer base from one intuitive platform.

One of the best things about Buffer is that many of its core features are available in its free iteration, making it a great choice for small businesses who have a limited budget for developing their tech stack. 

This tool doesn’t function as a CRM on its own, so isn’t an ideal choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive, “out of the box” solution. However, if you’re willing to navigate some hurdles and get its integrations to work, Buffer can be a great option for marketers trying to develop a closer understanding of their customers.

5. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio is the social arm of Salesforce’s flagship “Marketing Cloud”, a diverse suite of tools with features designed specifically for community nurturing, marketing intelligence, and more.

Building on a traditional CRM format, the Social Studio has a number of listening capabilities allowing you to keep on top of brand mentions, engagement analytics, and brand sentiment. The platform also comes equipped with a variety of machine learning features that help you route customer engagements automatically to other departments of your business. This helps you streamline the way you move leads from one stage of the pipeline to another.

Though Salesforce Social Studio is certainly feature-rich, it’s also markedly more expensive than other tools in this list, meaning that you may have to pay out more for similar functionality which you can access for free or a more affordable price point. 

However, with the wide variety of functions and its natural compatibility with other aspects of the Salesforce CRM apparatus, Social Studio could be worth the investment for businesses looking to fully embrace the wider Salesforce ecosystem.

6. Zoho Social

Zoho’s CRM with social media integration provides standard social listening and engagement features with a particular emphasis in X, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and also boasts useful integrations with third-party tools like Slack and Zendesk. This makes it a logical choice for brands that already depend on certain tools, or new startups whose marketing team is working on an 100% remote collaboration basis.

With an emphasis on lead acquisition, Zoho Social users can configure customized triggers to add new leads based on behavior, combined with parameters that allow you to define quality leads based on demographics, engagement metrics, online shopping habits, and more.

While Zoho provides plenty of functionality, its Instagram features are somewhat limited compared to the other platforms it deals with, rendering it unsuitable for some brands. Some users have also reported difficulty setting up the triggers to harvest leads, which could be a drawback for businesses looking for a quick and easy setup.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has risen to be one of the most well-known names in the social CRM niche, thanks to its diverse array of tools to assist with social listening, publishing, employee advocacy, and more.

Thanks to its unique “Smart Inbox” feature, you can collate all your customer interactions across different platforms and monitor customer relationships from a single intuitive platform, or review conversation history to contextualize the next steps in the sales funnel.

Though Sprout Social comes with a steeper learning curve compared to other popular tools, and you’ll need to accommodate for a lot of initial organization and setup, it can still prove to be a serious asset to your campaigns once you’ve integrated it into your ways of working.

Finding Your CRM With Social Media Integration

When you’re equipped with a quality CRM with social media integration, you can eliminate points of friction and enjoy a more fluid, easily-manageable approach to both social media marketing and sales.

If you’re in the market for an AI-oriented social CRM that’s both functional and affordable, sign up to Highperformr for free today!

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