Typefully vs Hypefury

How do Typefully and Hypefury compare against each other? And what features does Highperformr provide?


Typefully vs. Hypefury:

Typefully and Hypefury have been around for a while, each bringing something special to the table for social media managers and content creators. Typefully is great for those who love diving into analytics and want support across various platforms like LinkedIn and Mastodon.

On the other hand, Hypefury is all about getting your audience engaged and making your posts work across different social networks. So, whether you're looking to get creative with your content or amp up engagement and sales, these platforms have something for you.

What is Highperformr? makes it easy to write, share, and engage as a team on LinkedIn and X (Twitter). helps businesses amplify their social media presence and drive growth. provides easy-to-use tools for social media publishing, team collaboration, employee advocacy, and social media analytics.

Let’s compare features, pricing, reviews, advantages, and disadvantages of Typefully vs. Hypefury, and assess why Highperformr stands out as a superior option.

So what are these?

What is Typefully?

Typefully simplifies Twitter content management with user-friendly tools for creating and scheduling tweets/threads. It features tweet previews, draft sharing, media drag-and-drop, quoting, and in-depth analytics. It also supports auto-retweets, tweet numbering, and Zapier integration for improved engagement and growth.

What is Hypefury?

Hypefury is a Twitter content automation tool that allows users to schedule, manage, and analyze their posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Hypefury platform also allows for automatic retweeting and posting of content, as well as scheduling in bulk with the use of CSV files.


Highperformr vs Typefully vs Hypefury

Here are the list of features that Typefully, Hypefury, and Highperformr  offer – and you'll see why Highperformr is easily the best of the lot.

Scheduling & Publishing of posts




Connected Accounts

Manage upto 25 accounts including LinkedIn and X (Twitter) with unlimited users.




Advanced Analytics:

  • Followers Gained & Lost
  • AI insights
  • Recent post insights
  • Top engagement posts
  • Media engagement
  • Account engagement
  • Post consistency tracker
  • Follower Gain v/s loss tracker
  • Engagement trends
  • Top Posts & Replies
  • Top Engaged Accounts
  • Post Streak Tracker
  • Engagement Trends
  • Top Replies

Basic Analytics:

  • Impressions
  • Total Engagements
  • Engagement rate
  • Profile conversion rate
  • Post Metrics, Best time to post
  • CSV download of data

Very basic analytics:

  • Basic statistics on likes and reposts
  • Follower growth and profile visits
  • No consistency tracking
AI Capabilities
  • AI Generated posts
  • Personalized AI Settings
  • Reddit trend inspiration posts
  • X trend inspiration posts
  • Website/Blogs RSS inspiration posts
  • Unlimited AI post suggestions
  • Personalized Ideas
  • Very limited AI capabilities
  • Inspiration feature
  • Use of Existing post and minimal personalized posts
Longform Post

Allows creation for clipboard posting

Allows creation for clipboard posting

Not available


LinkedIn and X(Twitter)

API & Zapier

Not available

Editing & Drafts
  • Unlimited drafts
  • AI-generated LinkedIn and X posts
  • Team collaboration on drafts
  • Tagging & Filtering of drafts
  • Tweet Numbering
  • Videos & Polls to Posts
  • Unlimited drafts
  • No AI capabilities
Engagement & Automations
  • Team Collaboration
  • Shared drafts
  • Draft and content approvals
  • AI post generator
  • Auto Repost
  • Thread scheduling
  • Thread delays
  • Thread timing control
  • Cross posting between X and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn auto comment
  • Reply to tweets & threads
  • Schedule Retweet
  • Automatic Plug
  • Auto DMs & Giveaways
  • Thread finisher quote
  • Cross-publishing to other Social media
  • Auto unretweeter
  • Delay thread
  • Evergreen posts
  • Engagement builder
Teams & Collaboration
  • Unlimited Users
  • Add and Remove team members
  • Advanced User Roles & Permissions
  • Draft commenting
  • Draft sharing
  • Ask approval for drafts
  • Profile-specific AI settings
  • Share & Comment drafts
  • Teams

Individual user

Other Social Channels Supported

LinkedIn and X(Twitter). Meta and Instagram coming soon.

LinkedIn & Mastodon

Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn

why highperformr

Advanced Analytics & AI Powered Content Customization

Highperformr stands out with its advanced analytics, AI-driven content customization, and audience growth tools. It combines one-click scheduling and comprehensive engagement analysis, catering to users aiming for in-depth audience understanding and an impactful social media presence. Its focus on personalized content and data-driven insights positions Highperformr as the optimal choice for enhancing social media strategies with innovative AI capabilities.

ai analytics

Unlock Insights: Dive into Data-Driven Decision Making with Highperformr Analytics.

ai settings

Empower Your Strategy: Harness AI Precision for Smarter, More Effective Engagement.

Our Verdict


For Team Collaboration and LinkedIn presence, Highperformr is the clear winner. In addition, it offers Social AI capabilities and advanced analytics.

For a Balanced Feature Set with Good Integration Options: Typefully is a strong contender, especially for users who value a mix of creative AI tools and basic analytics.

Hypefury excels with its focus on automation and cross-platform publishing, making it suitable for users who are more sales and engagement-oriented.

Each tool has its unique strengths, and the best choice depends on the specific needs and priorities of the user. Highperformr is ideal for in-depth analytics and personalized content creation, Typefully balances creative AI features with essential analytics, and Hypefury focuses on engagement and automation.

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