Highperformr for Agencies

Manage social campaigns for multiple clients, easily!

Bring your entire client portfolio on one platform

Streamline workflows, collaborate on drafts with all stakeholders, enjoy friction-less approvals, and publish at scale using Social AI and automations.   

Manage unlimited users

Set up dedicated, personalized workspaces for each client 

Swiftly toggle different workspaces in just 2 clicks

Collaborate on content calendar and drafts with unlimited users 

Enjoy easy one-click approvals 

Collaborate on content calendar and drafts with unlimited users 

Share and receive approvals with a single click, and send approval reminders 

Save time and manual effort on publishing workflows with Social AI and automation 

Demonstrate impact with analytics

Track profile-level growth and engagement trends

Get Social AI insight that can help improve overall engagement

Identify accounts that engage, most popular posts, and other granular data

The AI settings for personalized post-idea generation save a lot of time. I'm impressed by their analytics feature that tracks multiple elements. - Julio G. Martinez-Clark, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Bioaccess

Why Highperformr for Agencies?

Built for Team Collaboration

Highperformr supports unlimited users, and is built to enable seamless collaboration and friction-free approvals among teams of all sizes.

 Many Workspaces on 1 Dashboard

Highperformr enables users to subscribe to and manage multiple workspaces, each with unique AI settings and access controls. 

Native Social AI for Content  

Highperformr is social-first and AI-native built on multiple LLMs so as to provide better accuracy, speed, and reliability.   

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