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Earn a 40% commission on every sale, lifelong. Your customers will thank you for their elevated social presence. 

Why become a Highperformr affiliate?

Earn 40% Commission, Forever

Earn a flat 40% commission on every sale that happens through your affiliate channel, lifelong. Now, thats a promise! 

Exclusive Dashboard

You will have all access to your rewards, payouts, and customers on your exclusive affiliate dashboard.

90-day Cookie Period

Conversions are tough, we get it.  We will credit you for any sale brought within a 90-day window.

Continuous Support

Our team is here to support you anytime you need. We also welcome feedback and suggestions.

Ready-to-Use Marketing Assets

Flex better with your prospects. We'll support you with videos, email templates, infographics and banner ads

Free Highperformr Products

Use Highperformr to elevate your social presence, gain more followers, and get exclusive access to our beta programs.
Join Highperformr Affiliate Program

Empower, Share, and Earn, Easily!

Educate your audience about Highperformr, inform them about the benefits and value, and enjoy the financial rewards of your advocacy. Highperformr’s Affiliate Program is for content creators who want to monetize their content and help businesses.

SaaS Reviewers & Bloggers

Review, Recommend, Earn! Highlight the impact Highperformr has, and show businesses how to boost their online presence cost-effectively. Your insights lead to conversions, and with every sale, you earn.

Digital Influencers & Educators

Lead and Profit! Teach your audience the art of gaining brand visibility with Highperformr. Influence them through your content, guide them to enhance their digital footprint, and you can earn as they succeed.

Email Marketers

Elevate campaigns, enhance earnings! Use Highperformr to supercharge email campaigns, promoting brand growth. Recommend a cost-effective way to increased social presence, and make money from each new sale.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Recommend, and Grow! Add Highperformr to your toolkit, simplifying client social media management. Offer strategic advantages at low costs, and improve brand equity.

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Get us the deal, and we'll send across your share in the payment mode you prefer.
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