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Our platform sparks inspiration and helps you effortlessly generate brilliant content ideas

Powerful AI coach

AI coach that refines and develops your ideas, adapting them seamlessly to your unique tone

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Prep it for publication in a click with your ideal timing and format—single post or threads

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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
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How does the pricing work for Highperformr?
Who should use Highperformr?
Is there a free trial available?
What sets Highperformr apart from other X (Twitter) tools?
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What features are included in the Highperformr plan?
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What features are included in the PRO plan?
Can I use Highperformr for multiple X (Twitter) accounts?
Is there a FREE plan available?
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Who is the FREE plan ideal for?
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What features are included in the FREE plan?
How do I access the distraction-free writer mode in Highperformr?
Is customer support available for Highperformr users?
Is there a mobile app for Highperformr?
Are there any limitations during the Highperformr trial period?
How do I provide feedback as a beta customer?
Can I join the Highperformr Discord community?
What can I find in the Highperformr Discord community?
How do I get support through the Highperformr Discord community?
Can I tweet directly from Highperformr?
Can I use this tool for other social media?
Can I schedule more than 1 tweet for a day?
How far in advance can the tweets be scheduled in Highperformr?
Is there a limit to the number of tweets I can schedule in Highperformr?
What happens if I need to edit a scheduled tweet in Highperformr?
Can I view a calendar of my scheduled tweets in Highperformr?
Can I create a tweet with more than 280 characters if I have a verified profile?
Does Highperformr offer a dark mode option for post creation?
Does highperformr provide any automations?
What kind of analytics features does Highperformr offer?
How do the AI Settings in Highperformr enhance the content creation process?

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