Our Wall of Love 💚

Highperformr solves a critical missing piece in the modern B2B marketing playbook. We love how easy it is for our team to collaborate and coordinate our content operations. Their Al tools are game-changing and they ship new features fast to keep up with the rapid advancements in the industry. Not to mention their customer support is quick and attentive. I'm rooting for this team!

Rohit Maheswaran
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, lifesight

Highperformr for Teams is a great tool. We at Bioaccess use Highperformr for managing our social media communications. I love how we can manage Twitter and LinkedIn (both personal and company pages) from one place. The AI settings for personalized post-idea generation save a lot of time. I'm impressed by their analytics feature that tracks multiple elements. 5 stars for the top-notch customer support. Already subscribed for the annual Team plan and I'm excited looking at their product roadmap and the upcoming features.

Julio G. Martinez-Clark
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - bioaccess

Building authority on social media is no longer optional for go-to-market team, and we needed a solution that can help our commercial teams build their own social media engine, reducing dependence on marketing teams and constantly engage their prospects with relevant content. Highperformr does exactly that and we believe will add a lot of value to RateGain

Ankit Chaturvedi
Head of Marketing, RateGain

Choosing HighPerformr has been a great experience from the outset, I was drawn to their top-notch customer support, which feels both personal and exceptionally responsive. I scouted several other options before settling on Highperformr, but none could match the depth and utility of their analytics—a critical aspect for my needs. What truly sets Highperformr apart is their openness to feedback. They actively collaborate with us to refine their offerings, ensuring that both my professional and personal accounts benefit greatly from their services. I'm thrilled to be working with such a dynamic and attentive company!

Freelance Copywriter

I like the reporting and UX a lot. I'd say the support is also much better than tweet hunter. I post feedback all the time and never get a response.

Dominic Bouchard