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April 30, 2024

Top 9 Oktopost Alternatives for 2024

Social media platforms, as we know them today, began in 1997 with Six Degrees, followed by the launch of popular platforms, LinkedIn and Facebook, in early 2000. Since then, social media has evolved in forms and types of platforms, with so many platforms that it is challenging to keep track. 

As social media platforms evolved and multiplied, individuals and businesses found it challenging to manage their accounts. It led to the emergence of social media management tools enabling individuals and companies to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, and track engagement metrics from a single dashboard. These tools continue to evolve and are in a transformative phase with the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and simplify tasks.

Oktopost is a popular tool preferred by enterprise-level customers. However, other advanced AI-enabled tools in the market may be better suited for your requirements. 

This article will discuss the nine best Oktopost alternatives from which you can select one to manage, monitor and measure your social media accounts efficiently. 

Why should you consider Oktopost alternatives?

Oktopost has positioned itself as a go-to tool for mid-market agencies and small and medium businesses, and its strengths are its seamless integration with enterprise applications and employee advocacy support.

However, Oktopost users' have found navigating the platform has a steep learning curve. The lack of explanations about features makes it difficult for them to understand how to use the tool effectively. Even the dashboard is not intuitive, highlighting the scope for enhancements to improve usability and functionality. 

These shortcomings have led companies to look for user-friendly Oktopost alternatives.

AI capabilities

AI-enabled social media platforms help you generate ideas and create content strategies by analyzing trending topics, popular posts and your newsfeed. AI will also help you monitor social platforms or websites you like to follow and suggest ideas for posting based on trending topics. It can help you generate content drafts based on your topics of interest and your brand writing style and tone of voice. AI capabilities are also helping users quickly analyze voluminous datasets to identify the best posts for target audiences and understand their sentiments.

Oktopost is integrating AI slowly within its platform, unlike modern AI-first tools like Highperformr. And currently, AI functionality in Oktopost is limited to creating captions for social posts. 


Oktopost's lack of pricing transparency is an adoption barrier for its target segment of small and medium businesses and agencies. Freelancers and independent marketing professionals find the tool expensive.

Highperformr offers economical pricing options for marketing professionals and businesses. The pro option is priced at $17 to $19, while the team option is priced at $97 to $117.

Collaboration & Approval

The collaboration features are a critical element of any social media management tool, considering the variety of stakeholders required to manage social media accounts across multiple platforms. Common collaboration roles include editor, client, contributor, social content scheduler, and viewer.

Also, a customizable approval workflow must complement the collaboration feature for better efficiency. Custom workflows enable you to automate your organization's approval process with appropriate triggers and alerts.

Top 9 Oktopost Alternatives 

1.  Highperformr

The topmost alternative to Oktopost is Highperformr, a AI-first social media management tool. At the core of Highperformr is the Social AI that addresses the challenge of creating relevant content consistently. Here's how Highperformr compares to Oktopost.

Social AI: Highperformr stands out with its AI-based content creation and ideation capabilities. The AI can be configured to understand the kind of content you want to create for Linkedin and X. You can feed the AI on the topics you write about, your writing style and tone, your target audience, websites or news sources you track regularly, etc.. This will enable the AI to generate social post ideas for you every day. Users can edit and rewrite these posts to their liking. 

Social AI helps you save time researching ideas, providing you with content ideas you can build on and publish consistently. It also analyzes post performance and offers strategic direction to scale your content strategy on social media. 

Calendar: You can plan your social media calendar, schedule posting on LinkedIn and X based on AI insight on best times to post, automate tasks such as tweet threads, reposting, and cross posting.   

Oktopost has a relatively advanced social media calendar offering a visually rich experience compared to Highperformr. However, Highperformr's simple and easy-to-use calendar features will evolve as more social media platforms are integrated into the tool.

Team Collaboration: You can add unlimited users to your workspace, work with team members to edit or review post drafts, add comments and suggestions on drafts, share posts with others for approval before posting. 

Role-based access enables you to restrict access based on individual rights to create, approve, or publish content.

Approval: In Highperformr, the content draft can be easily shared with the approver, and a request can be set to ensure timely approval.

Analytics: Highperformr provides insights on top followers and the most popular media formats. It helps you gain insights into engagement and follower growth trends to enable you to plan your content strategy.

Employee Advocacy: Highperformr provides employees across the organization with content they can post on their personal social handles so you can amplify brand voice collectively. It enables sales teams to increase their social footprint so they can build a pipeline via social platforms.


Highperformr offers the following pricing plans 

  • Free:   One social media account. 
  • Pro :    $17 per month for two social media accounts. 
  • Team: $97 per month for twenty five social media accounts and unlimited users.

Oktopost has not provided pricing information, and user reviews suggest it is expensive.

Highperformr vs Oktopost final takeaway: the best Oktopost alternative

Highperformr is the best Oktopost alternative in terms of cost, advanced AI capabilities, and team collaboration features. The AI-first tool brings advanced technology capabilities to the social marketing and management space. Highperformr pricing offers great value for money, especially to marketing professionals and small and medium businesses. Highperformr offers free AI tools to enable users to enhance their social presence and workflows.

2.  Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the earliest social media management tools. Its intuitive interface with rich features enables users to efficiently manage their social media marketing, performance monitoring and audience management. The extensive integration allows you to exchange data with Social CRM and other enterprise applications seamlessly.

It has a diverse client base, including enterprise, small and medium businesses, and individual marketers, unlike Oktopost, which primarily caters to enterprise businesses. It has multiple pricing options that suit different segments. However, advanced features are included in the premium pricing plan, which can be a deterrent for small businesses and individual professionals.

Key features of Hootsuite

The essential features of Hootsuite are as follows.

  • Publishing & Scheduling: From a single dashboard, you can plan, create, schedule, and publish content across all your social media platforms. You can also leverage templates to optimize efforts. 
  • AI Content Creation: The tool suggests social media post ideas and generates captions, enhancing efficiency and improving outcomes.
  • Social Listening: Use the monitoring tool to monitor brand mentions, online trends, keywords, and hashtags and gather competitive intelligence.
  • Audience Engagement: You can effortlessly engage with your followers, friends, and fans by answering messages and commenting on the platform. 
  • Analytics: The centralized dashboard displays comprehensive social media analytics from connected profiles across multiple platforms. It also shows industry benchmarks to help you compare your performance with your peers. 
  • Employee Advocacy: Hootsuite Amplify enables your employees to share the company’s content through their social media accounts, extending your reach and boosting your social presence substantially with minimal effort. 
  • Social Advertising: You can manage advertising across channels from a single intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Supported Platforms

Hootsuite supports the following platforms and seamlessly integrates with more than 100 apps.

X(Twitter) , Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Threads (Beta)


  • Users have mentioned the ease of making and scheduling posts across multiple platforms as a definitive advantage.
  • The tool offers multiple features to personalize messages for different platforms.
  • The company offers exceptional customer service, which helps customers enhance the platform's usability and leverage its full potential.
  • Role-based access enables social media manager to grant selective access control based on an individual's role and function, which helps in collaboration.


  • Many users have cited the tool’s tagging features as a drawback requiring additional efforts to achieve the desired results.
  • The steep pricing for advanced features is a concern for many users.
  • Some users found the reporting interface challenging to navigate and reporting metrics varying too much across different platforms.


Hootsuite offers a thirty days trial and three pricing plans for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise customers. 

  • Professional: $99 monthly for one user and ten social accounts with access to basic features.
  • Team: $249 for three users and twenty social accounts with basic and advanced features such as custom branded URL, automatic link tracking, team roles and functions and more.
  • Enterprise Custom: The price starts at $739 monthly, and the pricing and features are customized according to the business requirements.

3. Sendible

Sendible is the preferred tool of marketing agencies that serve multiple clients. It offers feature-rich social media listening and reporting solutions, enabling agencies and businesses to drive social media engagement. Sendible allows agencies to use clients' social media channels, dispensing the need for login credentials. 

Key features of Sendible

The essential features of Sendible are as follows.

  • Social media scheduling: The bulk importer tool allows you to schedule posts, images, and videos far in advance. It also enables you to customize posts for each platform by adding mentions, hashtags, emojis, and visuals.  
  • Team Collaboration: The tools enable you to collaborate with clients and team members by granting custom access. The approval workflow allows you to get client approval for bulk content. The shared content libraries help to store brand assets, most-used hashtags, and evergreen content for easy retrieval. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: The advanced visual analytics and reporting tools enable you to generate presentation-ready reports for clients. You can continuously monitor progress and automatically send relevant metrics to your team.
  • Dashboard: The centralized dashboard makes it easy to manage client audiences, monitor brands and track results. You can view all incoming engagements through your inbox and assign conversations to other team members.

Supported Platforms

Sendible is compatible with the following platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and Google My Business.


  • Users find Sendible great value for money, given its many features and the number of platforms and brands that can be managed for a specific price point.
  • Sendible customer service is available across multiple channels such as email, chats, and calls and is highly valued by users.  
  • Sendible white-label services allow agencies to offer services under their brand through customizable social media management platform and custom domains, which is another advantage.
  • The ease of implementing and managing all social media accounts through one dashboard improves efficiency.


  • Many users have found the user interface difficult to navigate, specifically the inbox of incoming messages/posts.
  • It has limited social media reporting features and doesn't offer many customization options.
  • The validation of messages is not foolproof, as some users have found social media posts accepted by Sendible but rejected by the platform.


It offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing options for different customer segments. 

  • Creator: The monthly price is $29 for one user and six social profiles. The plan includes access to basic features such as content planning and scheduling, monitoring and replying, and reporting.
  • Traction: $89 monthly, billed annually, for four users and 24 social profiles. It offers access to basic features, team collaboration, workflow and approval, user management, and client dashboards.
  • White Label: The price is $240 monthly, billed annually, for 20 users and 60 social profiles. It includes custom branding and domain, automated reporting, a content and hashtag library, and an account manager.
  • White Label+: $750 per month billed annually for 100 users and 300 social profiles. It offers access to all features, optional SSO, and a dedicated customer success manager.

4. Meltwater

Meltwater is a comprehensive, integrated product suite including social media management, media, consumer, and sales intelligence. It is positioned as an all-in-one solution for PR and social media, enabling organizations to monitor media coverage across online and social media channels. Social media management, listening, and analytics modules help monitor social networks and analyze data for actionable audience insights. 

Key features of Meltwater

The essential features of Meltwater are as follows.

  • Publishing and Engagement:  It allows you to centrally manage content and conversations across multiple social channels. You can schedule and publish content and manage incoming messages and assess channels performance from a central dashboard. 
  • Social Media Listening: It enables you to monitor, research and analyze content across the entire social network. You also get real-time and historical access to social media conversations.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The reporting suite offers a wide range of reporting capabilities such as social performance and insight reports, audience insight reports, custom reports and more. The user can drill down into data for analysis at a granular level.
  • AI Writing Assistant: The artificial intelligence (AI) powered writing assistant helps marketing teams craft compelling messages and captions efficiently. 
  • Influencer Management: The tool also offers a module to discover and screen the right social influencers to expand your social reach.

Supported Platforms

Meltwater is compatible with the following platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, X(Twitter), Linkedin, Wechat, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest


  • The comprehensive platform with AI assistant helps marketing teams improve efficiency in managing multiple channels.
  • The customer service and support team is responsive to users' needs and constantly guides them with best practices. A significant number of users have appreciated Meltwater Academy's learning programs.
  • The social media analytics tool precise insights help managers tailor content to their audiences. The detailed information helps management understand their business's social performance at granular levels.  


  • The tool user interface changes often with updates, making it difficult for users to locate features.
  • It lags behind its peers in dashboard capabilities and lacks sophistication in data export.
  • The tool requires extensive user training to enable them to utilize it effectively.
  • The tool is expensive for small and medium businesses and mid-size agencies.


Meltwater offers four pricing tiers; however prices for each tier have not been disclosed. It may be offering customized prices within each tier based on individual or business requirements.

  • Essentials: It offers basic features and 24/7 access to individualized training programs.
  • Advanced: It includes advanced tools and unlimited search features.
  • Suite: An integrated product suite including multiple tools for comprehensive social media solutions.
  • Enterprise: A specialized solution offering a 360-degree view of consumer and market intelligence, including premium services.

5. SocialPilot

The user-friendly platform with advanced features allows marketers to automate posts and RSS feeds, track campaigns, and manage audiences. It also allows you to schedule posts up to one month in advance on more than eight popular social networks. The platform is a cost-effective Oktopost alternative for small and medium businesses, offering 24/7 support with live customer service personnel. 

Key features of SocialPilot

The essential features of SocialPilot are as follows.

  • Publishing: The platform calendar tool allows users to plan, schedule, and publish posts centrally. The user can leverage AI Assistant to generate social media ideas, copy, and hashtags effortlessly and enhance efficiency.
  • Analytics: You can create a consolidated report for multiple social media accounts and auto schedule report generation and delivery to clients to save time and efforts.. 
  • Engagement: Social inbox helps to streamline and consolidate audience interactions across different accounts. You can track, organize and respond to audience messages from a single inbox.
  • Collaboration: You can easily onboard team members and grant access based on their roles. It enables managers and content schedulers to create workflow for seamless content creation and publication.

Supported Platforms

SocialPilot is compatible with the following platforms.

Facebook, X(Twitter), Linkedin, Google Business Profile  Instagram, Pinterest

TikTok, Youtube.


  • The user-friendly platform is easy to set up and enables quick onboarding of team members. 
  • The tool enables users to publish posts across all platforms, including Instagram, without error. 
  • It offers great value for money, offering many features and analytics at a lower price than other tools.
  • The collaboration features enable users to coordinate seamlessly with team members across departments and hierarchical levels.


  • The tool does not clearly distinguish between organic and sponsored posts. It also shows an inaccurate posting date, which is usually a day later than the actual posting date.  
  • The users have difficulty resizing photos and connecting to private Facebook groups.
  • Some functionalities, such as content scheduling tools, have limited capabilities than others.


It offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing options.

  • Professional: $25.50 monthly for one user and 10 social media accounts. It offers access to basic features.
  • Small Team: The price is $42.50 per month for three users and ten social media accounts. In addition to basic features, it offers access to a content library.
  • Agency: The price is $85.00 per month for six users and 30 social media accounts. It offers access to features such as client approvals and content library.
  • Agency+: The price is $170.00 per month for unlimited users and 50 social media accounts. It offers white-label functionality, enabling agencies to provide customized branded services and solutions.

6. Sprinklr Social

Sprinklr Social is one of Oktopost's competitors. It streamlines and simplifies social marketing. It enables businesses of all sizes to offer a consistent experience across social media networks to drive customer engagement and revenue.  

The platform has publishing, listening, analytics, engagement, employee advocacy, and other features, enabling you to manage brands across over thirty social channels. It has integrated OpenAI's ChatGPT, which helps automate tasks and improve efficiency. Sprinklr Social's core customer segment consists of enterprises.

Key features of Sprinklr Social

The essential features of Sprinklr Social are as follows.

  • Publishing and Engagement: AI-powered tool helps brands with publishing content across over thirty channels simultaneously. Digital asset manager, editorial calendar, engagement dashboard, and user-generated content (UGC) management help you provide a consistent experience across multiple social media channels.
  • Team Collaboration: Sprinklr’s distributed marketing platform helps streamline social media management across a globally distributed team, enabling better collaboration among central and local teams for organic and sponsored social media activity management. 
  • Employee Advocacy: It makes it easy for your employees to share branded content to create awareness, generate leads, attract talent, and amplify brand reach by up to 8x.
  • Reporting and Analytics: You can monitor the performance of your organic and sponsored social media program. The tool enables you to create custom metrics and easily share performance data as reports or presentations with stakeholders. 

Supported Platforms

Sprinklr Social supports over thirty five social channels and some of the popular platforms supported by it are as follows.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, X(Twitter), Linkedin, Wechat, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest


  • The platform has a user-friendly interface and is easy to understand and implement.
  • The social inbox helps keep track of conversations across all social media platforms and supports community management.
  • Sprinklr Social managed service makes customer support easier, and helps customers efficiently manage multiple social media accounts.
  • It enables large enterprises to manage social media, customer service and social listening through a unified platform. 


  • The platform is expensive for small and medium businesses.
  • The outbox solution for mid-level enterprises has limited functionality and utility.
  • The extensive features make it overwhelming for new users and have a long learning curve.


Sprinklr Social's high prices make it unaffordable for small and medium businesses. The company's two pricing plans for enterprises are as follows.

  • Advanced Plan: It includes a thirty-day trial post, which is priced at $299 per seat per month. It is a comprehensive self-serve solution with OpenAI ChatGPT integration.
  • Enterprise Custom:. The enterprise custom plan offers unmatched features and scalability for large enterprises. The price is determined based on the company's specific requirements.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is one of the best Oktopost alternatives, offering social media managers a range of features and functionalities for managing their social media presence. The comprehensive social media platform is of great value and utility for professionals and agencies. Easy Advocacy, Facebook Ads Report, Facebook Barometer, Twitter Report Card, and Facebook Timeline Contest are free tools that enable you to improve your social branding and engagement.

Key features of Agorapulse

The essential features of Agorapulse are as follows.

  • Publishing: The publishing feature enables you to tailor content to your audiences and maintain visual consistency. It also helps you plan, optimize, collaborate in real-time, and schedule your posts through a publishing calendar.
  • Listening: You can track brand mentions and create actionable searches to determine engagement and assess sentiment.
  • Inbox: A unified social inbox enables you to manage all organic and period posts, comments, mentions, messages and reviews from one place, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. 
  • ROI(return on investment): You can measure the business impact of your social campaign through valuable insights identifying posts and conversations that are driving sales, leads, and traffic.
  • Advanced Features: It includes an AI Writing Assistant to help you write better and faster and an Advocacy tool to amplify your message and expand your social reach.

Supported Platforms

Agorapulse is compatible with the following social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube.


  • In addition to mass scheduling of content posts, the platform offers flexibility in customizing particular posts for specific platforms.
  • ROI feature helps businesses and professionals measure the real business impact of their social media spending.
  • The intuitive interface enables new users to learn using the platform quickly and has a short learning curve.


  • It supports major social media platforms but lags behind competitors in supporting emerging platforms.
  • The data visualization needs improvement.
  • The entry-level subscription plan has limited reporting and analytic functionality.


Agorapulse offers a thirty day free trial and three pricing plans.

  • Standard: $49 per user per month for 10 social profiles with access to basic features.
  • Professional: $79 per user per month for 10 social profiles with access to basic and advanced features.
  • Advanced: $119 per user per month for 10 social profiles with access to basic, advanced and enterprise features.

It also offers custom plans tailored to enterprise specific business needs. 

8. Loomly

Loomly is another Oktopost alternative with extensive social media management features and capabilities. With a user-friendly interface and workflows, Loomly is gaining traction among marketers and agencies. It offers scheduling and planning, engagement, reporting and analytics but doesn’t include social listening.

Key features of Loomly

The essential features of Loomly are as follows.

  • Planning and Scheduling: The social media scheduler helps you collaborate with your clients and teams to create, organize, and schedule your content. You can customize the content for each social media channel. 
  • Collaboration and Approval: You can grant role-based access to clients and collaborators and leverage pre-set workflows to optimize work efforts. 
  • Content Calendar and Library: The library gives multiple post ideas and relevant hashtag suggestions. You can centrally organize and manage all your visual assets.
  • Reporting and Analytics: You can auto-schedule reports to different stakeholders and export analytics in CSV or PDF format.

Supported Platforms

Loomly is compatible with the following social media platforms.

Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube,Snapchat and TikTok


  • The user can write threads and access stock images and emojis.
  • The platform offers suggestions for posting schedules for different platforms based on analytics.
  • The ease of use in tailoring posts for each platform.
  • Agencies benefit from the ability to manage different clients from one space and seamlessly navigate from one calendar to another.


  • The platform doesn't have AI writing capabilities.
  • It lacks document integration for LinkedIn, limiting users' ability to post carousels.
  • There are issues with Loomly's scheduling feature as posts go live with a lag contrary to the schedule presets created by the user.


Loomly offers a fifteen day trial and four different pricing options.

  • Base: $32 per month for two users and ten social media accounts.
  • Standard: $60 per month for six users and twenty social media accounts.
  • Advanced: $131 per month for fourteen users and thirty five social media accounts.
  • Premium: $277 per month for thirty users and fifty social media accounts.

9. eClincher

eClincher offer extensive integrations to complement the social media marketing platform and aid in account management. In addition to the usual features, the tool has additional functionalities such as social media reputation management and brand monitoring.

Key features of eClincher

  • Publishing Tools: These include publishing and scheduling, an AI assistant, a visual calendar and scheduler, auto post queues, and an RSS and assets media library.
  • Engagement Tools: It includes a unified social inbox, local SEO tools, listing management, suggested content, and Instagram link-in bio features.
  • Analytics Reporting Tools: It incorporates advanced analytics reporting, social media analytic tools, link shortener and tracking, and the best time to post features. 
  • Listening and Reputation Tools: These include social media listening tools for monitoring brand mentions and web listening tools for brand reputation management. 

Supported Platforms

eClincher is compatible with multiple social media platforms and popular platforms supported by it are as follows.

Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube,Snapchat, TikTok and others.


  • The users can effortlessly publish content across social media platforms, enhancing engagement and efficiency.
  • Many users have appreciated its customer support function.
  • The detailed analytics offer managers valuable insights for content strategy and planning.


  • The platform has limitations on posting optimization for different social media platforms.
  • There is a steep learning curve to master the extensive features of the platform.
  • Some users have pointed out bugs in the connection tool and suggested improvements to the feed monitoring interface.


The platform offers a 14-day free trial and the following four pricing plans.

  • Basic: $65 per month for one user and ten profiles. This plan is for individuals and small businesses.
  • Premier: $175 per month for three users and twenty profiles. The plan is targeted at small and medium businesses.
  • Agency: The plan is for marketing agencies and brands and costs $425 per month for six users and forty profiles.
  • Enterprise: It is a customized pricing plan for large enterprises.

Many of these Oktopost alternatives are easy to use and offer a range of features and capabilities. Some tools are native AI, offering advanced automation applications for managing your social media presence. You can compare the tool features and select the one that meets your requirements at a price within your budget.

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